‘America’s Worst Enemy, Itself’

October 9, 2007

The Speeding Train and the Foolish Driver
SAN DIEGO, Aug. 23 /Christian Newswire/ — It isn’t as though we are unfamiliar with the concept of the speeding train and the foolish driver who believes that they can outrun that train across the tracks; only to be crushed beyond recognition. But when you look at America, some Americans are wondering if we are in a similar race for our very own existence. Of course any person can point out some of the top dangers to America, whether it’s bio-terrorism, illegal immigration or nuclear war. But the maddening reality is that we do not understand that WE are our own worst enemies. Here are a few examples that should make us begin to wonder if we are the largest group of lemmings to commit collective suicide.

We want to protect ourselves from the onslaught of illegal immigrants and yet we have created the demand for cheap labor by having cheap abortion which kills millions of pre born Americans. Additionally, millions of Baby Boomers have looked forward to their retirement and yet they have promoted the aborting of millions of children who could have financially supported the now failing social security system. To add injury to insult, many children who did survive this abortion holocaust have been taught by their parents that it is acceptable to get rid of pre born babies if they are expensive and inconvenient. This widespread belief will make the case in the future, that Mom and Dad should also be euthanized if they are the same kind of burden to their children. In the interest of not offending anyone, the vast majority of Pastors will not speak on the issue of abortion from their pulpits. Yet these same Pastors will wonder why their churches are not filled with the youthful voices of children, who might have brought the gospel to their community.

We have clearly patted ourselves on the back for being so tolerant of homosexuals, the cohabitation of heterosexuals and no fault divorce; when all the while destroying the very institution that is meant to keep our society stable; a godly marriage. But in typical hypocrisy we will continue to pity the broken home and the single parent family when we ourselves have encouraged it to continue by tolerating immoral relationships. Public schools are teaching promiscuity and homosexuality and are trying to figure out why so many young people have STD’s and HIV. Even Police officers across the land will risk life and limb to protect children from harm and yet the very same officers will march in gay pride parades which encourage children to participate in the destructive lifestyle of homosexuality.

We are so rightfully concerned about the environment, when the environment of our soul is so stagnant with hedonism, pride and materialism. With this kind of spiritual wasteland, we simply cannot offer the spring water of Christ to those who need it. It also seems rather strange that most environmentalists are very silent about our waterways being filled with the waste water of chemical abortifacient drugs that are destroying the very sexual makeup of ponds and rivers. They also seem very silent on the environment of the womb being destroyed by abortion and multiple sex partners. When will they actually care about pre born children as much as they care about baby seals?

We invite people to come to our country to become citizens and yet we fall all over ourselves to accommodate their culture and their ways, instead of demanding that they become real Americans. We have somehow forgotten that they have come to our country because of the value of what we are as a nation. We should never replace that with the very culture that people flee. To make matters worse, we invite the people of Islam who are religiously bound to overthrow the countries they live in, whether by law or sword to come to our beloved country, living among us, giving sanctuary to those who want to destroy us.

Remarkably we go all over the world to teach countries about representative government and yet Americans are seldom represented by their elected officials. Their parties prop up people that do not represent our best and brightest, but rather many wealthy, power hungry elitists. Most parties play both sides of the political fence thus misrepresenting their own party platform. Many of us are still waiting for real statesmen who fear God and obey His Word. It would be refreshing to have leaders who are not afraid to utter the words, “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord” and “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”, and actually mean it.

We had such great disdain for being under the tyrants of Britain and were willing to pay the ultimate price to be free. But now we cower before the Federal government as though we no longer were a land ‘for and by the people.’ States have given up their constitutional sovereignty and instead wait in line to be blessed once again, by the kings of Washington DC. Our representatives are enamored with taxes and spending without restraint as they continue to create departments and programs outside of their God given authority and outside of the U.S. Constitution. Many times law enforcement, government leaders and judges punish the righteous, while funding and praising those who do evil.

The godly prophets are considered fools and yet the fools are proclaimed wise. The profane is now called holy and evil is called good. We are certainly in trouble. Though I am very worried about bioterrorism, illegal immigration and nuclear war; the most frightful and troubling thought is that we are not only driving that car in a race with the train, but most Americans seem indifferent to the real coming train wreck of America. It appears that few are trying to stop and consider whether it worth losing such a race; but then again, we might either offend someone or be accused of being hateful. But shouldn’t we be recapturing what it means to really love God, our neighbor and even ourselves?


One Response to “‘America’s Worst Enemy, Itself’”

  1. Phil Magnan Says:

    Islam Is Mandated to Kill, Steal and Destroy America

    Contact: Phil Magnan, Director, Biblical Family Advocates, 619-962-0659, phil@bfamilyadvocates.com

    SAN DIEGO, Feb. 25 /Christian Newswire/ — Most Americans cherish freedom of speech, assembly and religion. But what does one do with a religion that is mandated to destroy the U.S. Constitution, overthrow the U.S. Government and even kill those who do not submit to their religious rule? What do you do with people who use their religious freedom and speech to create terrorist cells within our borders?

    Biblical Family Advocates is extremely concerned over the recent article in World Net Daily, that is entitled “Study: 3 in 4 U.S. mosques preach anti-West extremism”

    It states that “Frank Gaffney, a former Pentagon official who runs the Center for Security Policy, says the results of the survey have not yet been published. But he confirmed that “the vast majority” are inciting insurrection and jihad through sermons by Saudi-trained imams and anti-Western literature, videos and textbooks.”

    And the article went on to say, “Sermons that preach women are inferior to men and can be beaten for disobedience; that non-Muslims, particularly Jews, are infidels and inferior to Muslims; that jihad or support of jihad is not only a Muslim’s duty but the noblest way, and suicide bombers and other so-called “martyrs” are worthy of the highest praise; and that an Islamic caliphate should one day encompass the U.S.,” and promotes “Solicitation of financial support for jihad.”

    Phil Magnan, President of Biblical Family Advocates had this to say regarding the WND article. “I fear for our country as we have allowed those who wish to do us harm to be among us. It is amazing that we will travel across the world to crush terrorist cells, yet we have allowed them to be formed and strengthened in our own country. We must seriously consider the fact that Islam is no ordinary religion as it is obligated to overthrow the countries they begin to reside in. We have seen this in Europe, especially in the UK where entire cities have been taken over by radical Islamists. We are fools if we do not see the handwriting on the wall. We should consider deporting all Muslims before it’s too late. Why should we allow our national destruction in the name of political correctness?”

    “Though there are many Muslims in the U.S. who mean us no harm, they seem to have done little to expose these Islamofascists. In fact, they end up giving terrorists support as they support their local Mosques. If Islam was such a religion of peace, why do their own people live in such fear of their own people and leadership? Isn’t it obvious that any Islamic leader in America who has taught insurrection should be brought to justice?”

    “BFA condemns any violence against those of the Moslem faith who mean us no harm. But sadly, it would be foolish for us to allow anyone of the Islamic faith to live in this country. At the very least, our government should deport all foreign Islamic persons immediately as they could pose a greater threat than illegal immigration or even the enemy we fight in Iraq, for some of these Islamists mean us harm while on our own soil.”

    Magnan concluded with this statement, “Jesus Christ spoke of those who would try to enter into heaven another way, rather than through Christ. He even said that these are the people who steal, kill and destroy. This has been the agenda of Islam ever since they destroyed Christian churches in Northern Africa over 1300 years ago. Islam has continued in making slaves or killing those who cannot defend themselves in so many countries around the world. Even presently the Christian people of such countries like Serbia, Indonesia and India have watched as their churches have been destroyed and replaced with thousands of Mosques. Jesus came to seek and to save that which is lost and yet Islam ignorantly seeks to kill, steal and destroy. The mission of Christians is to win Moslems to Christ, as it is truly seeking our Moslem neighbors ultimate good to give them Christ, who are trapped in their false religion. But it is Biblically and constitutionally incumbent for our government to protect us from those who plan evil against the families of our nation.”

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