How Radical Activists Invaded, Conquered America’s Newsrooms

April 17, 2007

New book exposes pressure groups shaping U.S. press coverage
WASHINGTON, April 10 /Standard Newswire/ — Media bias has been explained, dissected, rationalized, debated and studied.

But a new book by a veteran newspaper editor and Internet pioneer says one explanation for it has never been appropriately addressed before.

In “Stop the Presses! The Inside Story of the New Media Revolution,” founder Joseph Farah, a former top editor at major-market newspapers, says he witnessed an invasion of the newsroom by radical activist groups posing as high- minded journalism associations.

Farah names names – such as the Society for Environmental Journalism and the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association — and cites statements from the pressure groups themselves.

“I wrote ‘Stop the Presses!’ as a unique effort to explain the institutional problems we see in the establishment press today from the perspective of an insider – someone who witnessed this takeover of America’s newsrooms,” says Farah. “But I also witnessed and participated in the antidote – the New Media, with all of its increased competition and the many fresh voices it welcomes to the national debate.”

Stop the Presses! explores this issue and many others, including:

Farah’s first-hand account of his efforts at launching, the largest independent news source on the Internet

His battle for survival during the Clinton administration, which audited his news agency and used taxpayer funds to maintain dossiers on him.

A brief history of the free press that explains what a uniquely American concept it is

A look at the role of Google, a search engine company Farah deems to be “evil”

The impact of Matt Drudge and the way he and those who have followed him have changed the media forever

The key role WND played in defeating Al Gore’s presidential ambitions in 2000

The Middle East as a case study in international media distortion

The book debuts today with major front-of-store promotional display in Barnes & Noble, as the selection of two major monthly book clubs and with the endorsement of Farah’s friends, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.

Limbaugh said: “Joseph Farah was not just ‘present at the creation’ of the new media revolution, he helped instigate it. ‘Stop the Presses!’ is a fascinating and freewheeling look at how a harmonic convergence of politics, personalities and technology has forever changed the way Americans interact with their government, their fellow citizens, and the world.”

Coulter weighed in: “WorldNetDaily’s Joseph Farah is uniquely qualified to tell the real story of the ‘new media revolution.’ After all, he helped start it. This Patrick Henry of the internet will have you hoisting a Sam Adams in celebration.”

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