Homosexuals Less Than 2% of Population Says Report Released Today

April 7, 2007

PHILADELPHIA, Mar. 23 /Standard Newswire/ — According to two researchers, the largest random sex survey ever conducted has reported that only 1.4% of adults engaged in homosexual behavior. Analyzing a 2003 Canadian Community survey of 121,300 adults, Drs. Paul and Kirk Cameron told attendees of the Eastern Psychological Association Convention that 2% of 18-44 year olds, 1% of 50 year olds, and only a third of a percent of subjects 60+ considered themselves homosexual. Thus homosexual activity was much more common among younger adults.

What happened to the older homosexuals? “Some may have ceased to be sexually active,” said Paul Cameron, “or they may have died. Recent reports from Scandinavia indicate that the life expectancy of homosexuals is 20+ years shorter than that of heterosexuals.”

Among other questions (read to respondent by interviewer), the Canadian study asked:

“Do you consider yourself to be: heterosexual? (sexual relations with people of the opposite sex)/ homosexual, that is lesbian or gay? (sexual relations with people of your own sex)/ bisexual? (sexual relations with people of both sexes).”

“No one can say that this statistic is ‘the bedrock truth,'” Paul Cameron said, “but even with attempts to increase the percentage of active homosexuals – which Statistics Canada appears to have done by reporting only the results of those under the age of 60 – the 1.4% is a figure that has to be taken very seriously.

“The US government survey of 12, 381 adults in 1996, reported that 1.3% of men and 1.1% of women under the age of 60 said they’d had homosexual sex in the last 12 months. It also found few older homosexuals. The oldest male who engaged in homosexuality was 54 and the oldest female+ 49. So it appears that homosexuality is a young person’s activity – one that may contribute to an early death.”

Paul Cameron, Ph.D. & Kirk Cameron, Ph.D., presented “Federal Distortion Of The Homosexual Footprint.” Paul Cameron, a reviewer for the British Medical Journal, the Canadian Medical Association Journal, and the Postgraduate Medical Journal, has published over 40 scientific articles on homosexuality. The EPA is the oldest regional Psychological Association in the United States. At its Philadelphia convention members presented the latest advances in scientific work to colleagues.

The full report can be accessed at http://www.earnedmedia.org/frireport.htm


One Response to “Homosexuals Less Than 2% of Population Says Report Released Today”

  1. Gab. Says:

    I would suggest that you check up Mr. Cameron (and his son):s credentials and critics before relying on his data….
    First of all, he always makes lots of statistical “errors”, it could have been OK if he just were an ordinary Joe, but he have had an education in statistics, and still claims things that is long since disproven (and never changes them, even when corrected repetedly)
    “Why stop using a convincing claim, just because it is proven false?” seems o be his idea of “science”

    He misquotes scientists data, uses bad selections and overall makes himself worthy of the ejections he has recieved from statistical organisations…

    A simple way to check his “honesty” is to check the web, (uses nazists as references, lies repetedly (even when showed evidences against his claims) makes absurd claims

    (for instance that homosexuals has between 106 and 1105 different partners/year(!) (a little realism in his lies would have been nice (not that homophobes spots the difficulities in this)).

    My favorite quote however is when he speaks of homosexual sex being “better” than ordinary for hetrosexuals (!)

    It is a quote i NEVER heard anybody that defends his other false data defend (or even use!)

    “If you isolate sexuality as something solely for one’s own personal amusement, and all you want is the most satisfying orgasm you can get- and that is what homosexuality seems to be-then homosexuality seems too powerful to resist. The evidence is that men do a better job on men and women on women, if all you are looking for is orgasm.” So powerful is the allure of gays, that if society approves that gay people, more and more heterosexuals will be inexorably drawn into homosexuality. “I’m convinced that lesbians are particularly good seducers, People in homosexuality are incredibly evangelical, It’s pure sexuality. It’s almost like pure heroin. It’s such a rush. They are committed in almost a religious way. And they’ll take enormous risks, do anything.” He says that for married men and women, gay sex would be irresistible. “Martial sex tends toward the boring end, Generally, it doesn’t deliver the kind of sheer sexual pleasure that homosexual sex does”
    (Paul Cameron, interview in “Rolling Stones” magazine, May 1999)

    Few (if any?) homosexuals claims homosexual sex is “better” or more satisfying for ordinary hetrosexuals like Cameron above, does he still sound like a beliveable authority in sexual matters???

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