Former Hitler Youth and German Soldier Makes Shocking Comparisons about Hitler and Radical Islam

March 30, 2007

A Moving and Inspirational Testimony — A Thought-Provoking Analysis
MEDIA ADVISORY, Mar. 28 /Christian Newswire/ — How Was it Possible? is a moving autobiography written by former Hitler youth and German soldier, Hilmar von Campe. While describing his life and remorse as an active participant in the greatest tragedy of the twentieth century, von Campe warns the world that it faces greater challenges today then it did with Adolph Hitler.

Von Campe lived through years of Nazi power and brain-washing. After the war, he learned about the Holocaust and Nazi atrocities. It was then that he came to grips with his own contribution to these horrors and his moral responsibilities for them.

“Hilmar is in a unique position to illuminate the mindset that allowed Hitler to rationalize the extermination of millions of Jews – given his personal travails during that tragic era. Americans would do well to heed his insights into similar dangers they are facing with Radical Radical Islam today. ” — Dr. James C. Dobson, Founder & Chairman, Focus On The Family

“The growth of the Third Reich in Eastern Europe was infinitesimal as compared today to that of Radical Islam. The powerful delivery system of the Internet makes it possible for terrorist organizations to spread their message of hate and violence to a worldwide audience, with a simple ‘key stroke.'”

Von Campe lectures at churches and major events nationwide, as he compares the Nazi philosophy to that of Radical Islam. His analysis is both shocking and thought-provoking, as he discusses:

How Radical Islam follows the footprints of the Third Reich.

How Russia recruited and trained Yasser Arafat, and helped the Palestinian leader form the PLO, launching terrorism as we know it today.

Hitler’s persecution of Jews has been taken to new levels by Radical Islam, and today all non- Muslims are potential victims.

How God changed von Campe’s heart, and how God uses von Campe to touch the hearts and minds of others.

About the Author
Listed in the 1992 “International Who’s Who of Intellectuals,” von Campe is the author of five books. He is a WWII veteran of the German Army and former prisoner of war in Communist Yugoslavia, who narrowly escaped in 1945, after crossing seven borders to freedom. Hilmar von Campe is now an American citizen. For more on Hilmar von Campe, please go to:


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