Don’t Take This The Wrong Way

March 27, 2007

Don’t take the postings on this site the wrong way. I am grateful for your visits and readership and comments, but you must please know that unless I write an article or sign a comment as “Salib” then I do not necessarily endorse it. This is in response to several recent comments that I am for or against Rick Warren, and also George el MAsry’s article, and others.

If a press release appears here, I may or may not agree with it or even believe it. I merely post things that have to do with what I am interested in sharing with you all.

You will not believe how many people send me things to post here. I do try to weed out the ones that are ridiculous, but sometimes one or two will slip through. Nonetheless, thanks to all of the people who visit me here all the time, and leave messages of support-and messages of opposition. I value each one of them.

May our Lord Jesus bless you today,


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