Over 5,000 Souls Saved as Evangelist Dan Owens Proclaims the Gospel in Gitega Burundi Africa

March 10, 2007

SAN DIEGO, Mar. 5 /Christian Newswire/ — Eternity Minded Ministries with Dan Owens recently returned from Gitega, Burundi on a truly miraculous mission trip complete with humanitarian aid, five evening festivals, discipleship training, and community ministries. Eternity Minded Ministries (EMM) is a non-profit faith based organization founded and led by Dan Owens. Dan Owens reveals, “The Lord was clearly leading us to expand our ministry to Gitega.” Carl Dawson, EMM’s ministry director, shared “The enemy was working against us and tried to keep us away. We were told that Gitega is a cold city unreceptive to the Word and that we would be wasting our time.” Eternity Minded Ministries obeyed the Lord and sent in the troops with the largest EMM ministry team to date. Twenty nine volunteers supported this mission trip along with Dan Owens, Carl Dawson, and EMM’s pastoral representative in Africa. This mission was certainly not a waste of time as the Lord was truly glorified in Gitega.

Dan Owens says, “Gitega was a festival of prayer. Over 5,000 came to Christ because of prayer.” The enemy set a number of stumbling blocks to keep EMM from ministering in Gitega. For example, the team was asked to postpone the festival for three months due to raining and flooding in the area. It has also been said that the demonic activity in Gitega has been so great over the years that many evangelists have avoided the area. But our Lord is greater and He won in Gitega.

Our Lord equipped EMM with a spirit-filled team ready to go and fight for Him and a faithful prayer team at home. Local pastors were surprised on the first night when nearly 15,000 people came on the grounds. People were hanging out of trees to see Dan Owens and listen as he gave the message and laid out the plan of salvation. Pastors may have been surprised at the turnout; but at the end of the first night when nearly 2,000 people came forward – they were astonished.

Because rain was a concern, prayer warriors were vigilant in asking the Lord to hold back the rains. During the five day festival it rained in the morning, in the evening, in areas around the grounds, and it even rained at the end of the festival. Praise the Lord – it NEVER rained once during the Gospel message and not one day of ministry was lost due to rain.

During the day the ministry troops went to schools, prisons, hospitals, orphanages and military barracks to share the love of Christ and be a witness; and ground was broken on the new Christian school in Gitega that is being built with funds raised by Eternity Minded Ministries. By the end of the last festival night over 75,000 people heard the Gospel and over 5,000 people came forward to receive Jesus Christ and prayer. Thousands received spiritual as well as physical healing during the festival evenings. Dan Owens says “I was especially touched after watching a woman receive prayer for physical healing and then immediately throw down her crutches and run over to me with complete joy on her face as she walked for the first time in years. Our God is truly amazing and ALL things are possible through Him.”

The Lord was truly glorified in Gitega and He made His salvation known. Eternity Minded Ministries will continue to minister in Gitega as churches are planted and pastors are trained. Contact EMM for more information about the Christian school project and the Seed and Seeds programs that will continue to glorify the Lord in Gitega.

Eternity Minded Ministries is a non-profit 501(c)(3) evangelistic ministry founded and led by Dan Owens, evangelist, author, and speaker. EMM is devoted to proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ to a lost and hurting world, providing humanitarian aid, training disciples, and promoting renewal and spiritual growth in local churches.

Visit http://www.eternityminded.org for more information about Eternity Minded Ministries with Dan Owens, and sign-up to receive free weekly devotionals.

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