Enough Wars, Islam Made Enough of Those!!

March 8, 2007

(It seems the first time did not post, I did not want this to go unposted, hence the re-post. Sorry for inconvenience, but it won’t hurt you to read it twice!! JAS MD)

This is to those people who are intent on calling each other ‘dumb’ (and other variants thereof) for being either Christian or Muslim. So you will know, I have NOT READ any of the comments, but some mean words caught my eye and since I own this site, I have to make sure everyone is respectful about voicing their opinion.

Muslims, don’t you know that when you patronizingly call us infidels and idiots in the name of your ‘religion,’ you just prove how hateful Islam really is?

And Christians, shouldn’t you behave in love and avoid meanness and cruelty? Moslems are the victims here. They are the victims of a perverted pervert who spun a dream that they are only happy to follow because it legitimizes their base desires of hate, violence and sex. Imagine a puppy that vomited on the floor because he just had a vaccine. Would you get mad and yell at him for the indiscretion, or would you gather him up in your arms and hug him, trying to help him (feel better in this case) from his problems? Moslems are like children who were raised by wolves. They are hungry for blood because that’s all they’ve ever known, but underneath lies a heart and intellect that can be appealed to… and prayed for. I would gladly lay down my life (an imperfect, unholy and unworthy sacrifice, I know) in order to make these people see reason. And while I might sometimes bristle at their tone, I constantly try to remind myself that I am dealing with people who are infected with rabies. Jesus is the Great Vetrinarian who can counteract all of the poison and disease with his True and Perfect Love.

I ask all of you fellow believers out there to join with me in prayer right now, both for the salvation of our Moslem bretheren, as well as our own kindness and tolerance in the face of the cancer/disease that is ISLAM.



2 Responses to “Enough Wars, Islam Made Enough of Those!!”

  1. Clara Says:

    That post is ridiculous, first you start off by asking people not to call each other’s religions dumb and then go on to say Islam is a disease based on ‘hate violence and sex’ i was raised in a Christian school and no a lot about Islam but i am neither and you are obviously uneducated and so not in a position to make this judgment. Islam, by principle, lives in harmony with all other religions and you have to remember to look at the qu’ran and hadiths not to the people that portray it as they can be corrupted. Do you not think that it is everyone’s chose to decide what the want their faith to be? and if u truly believe in God then surely he will punish them accordingly and if you were to take that power into your own hands you would be committing blasphemy. do you believe you will convert them by insulting their religion? rather if you wish talk about the good sides of Christianity and why it would welcome them rather then resorting to pointing out what u believe to be their faults, as it seems you have nothing good to say about ur own religion.

  2. anonymous guy Says:

    Clara that was a very good post!!! But you have to remember Arabs whether Christian or Muslim are very savage like and negative. {POST EDITED FOR RACIAL SLUR}

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