Chuck Norris Writes Exclusive on Slavery

March 2, 2007


In his latest exclusive column, A Petition to Free 27 Million Slaves, in WorldNetDaily TODAY, Chuck Norris talks about how we can solve this worldwide problem.

“A few years ago, National Geographic reported that there are 27 million slaves in the world today — more than any other time in human history. What can be done to free them? Be a ‘Wilberforce’ or ‘Newton’!” Norris says.

Norris has starred in more than 20 films and the long-running TV series, “Walker, Texas Ranger.” He has written for WorldNetDaily on a number of hot-button topics, including: abortion, his old friend — and opponent — Bruce Lee, Bob Dylan’s true hero, the biggest threat to America, and Pearl Harbor. Norris writes a weekly column exclusive to WorldNetDaily.

While the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the UK will soon be celebrated around the world, slavery has mushroomed, as there are now over 27 million people in bondage worldwide.


WorldNetDaily is an independent news company. Founded by Joseph and Elizabeth Farah in May 1997, it is now a leading Internet news site in both traffic and influence and has launched popular columns by Bill O’Reilly, David Limbaugh and others into national syndication.


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