The ‘Prophet’ Mohammad is Naked

January 4, 2007

The following is offered as an opinion from Gary McCullough, the director of the Christian Communication Network, in regard to recent discussions on the criteria to define a religion as peaceful and statements made by Pope Benedict XVI:

Is there not an Arabic version of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Emperor’s New Suit?
“How dare you say Mohammad was violent – I, as a devout and faithful follower of the peaceful religion of Islam, will kill you Christians and destroy your religious sites until your Pope apologizes.” – A hypothetical but apparently accurate position of many Muslims

The actions and teachings of Mohammad were evil and inhumane (my words, not the Holy Father’s). This was recently illustrated by the televised beheading of Nick Berg when one of the murderers put a blade to Berg’s neck and said, “Allah has left us an example in the blessed Prophet with the slow cutting of the prisoners’ necks, and the cutting off of their heads.”

Faithful followers of Mohammad are destine for eternal damnation–and while living out their faith on earth will make life like hell for those whom they are able to impact. Their only salvation is repentance and acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord, (yes, the one born of the Jews).

Our Christian desire is that the followers of Islam renounce faith in Mohammad, but not because we wish you death or will punish you. Our desire is out of love for you, even while you wish us harm—even while you do us harm. This offer is made with the unconditional promise that we will never force you to accept our proposition. This position on force is what defines a religion as peaceful. This position on force is what allows Muslims and a multitude of other religions to peacefully coexist with Christians in western countries. When Christians have the rule of law and the majority in a democracy, there is true freedom to worship as you choose.

What we will force upon Islam and its followers is punishment for enforcing Mohammad’s faith or laws upon others. This punishment will be meted out only in a just and measured response.

Such a response of force is not revenge. Such a response is not contrary to peace. It is a response in defense of life and in defense of our families’ and neighbors’ freedom. Individual Christians, as has been demonstrated throughout history, may refuse to defend themselves as a manifestation of God’s love for all—including violent Islamic aggressors. After all, we are commanded to “turn the other cheek.” But as a whole, as nations, and as families, we are not commanded to “turn the other cheek” of our neighbors, our wives, husbands, parents, or children.

A religion should be judged by its fruit. In countries under Islamic rule – violence against individuals who practice other religions is common. In the war raging in southern Sudan – when Islamic forces take control of an area, Christians have been killed when they refuse to convert to Islam and the Christian churches are burned. Yet when control of an area is taken by the southern rebel Christian army, mosques are left standing and Muslims are allowed to continue to practice their faith. I have traveled to Africa and spoken to the soldiers and survivors. This is just one example of what defines a religion as peaceful. This is one more example that defines Islam as a religion of the sword.

To claim Islam is a peaceful religion is a lie of whole cloth similar to the fabric of The Emperor’s New Suit. Perhaps I am naïve as a child, but I am no longer willing to be silent and gawk at Mohammad’s nakedness. – Gary McCullough, director of the Christian Communication Network


Here is what Pope Benedict XVI said:

“The emperor certainly knew that Sura 2, 256, reads: ‘No force in matters of faith’. It is one of the early suras, from a time — as experts say — in which Mohammed himself was still powerless and threatened.
“However, the emperor of course also knew the requirements about the holy war that were later formulated in the Quran. Without going into details like the handling of the owners of the scriptures, or non-believers, he (the emperor) turned to his interlocutors — in a surprisingly brusque way — with the central question after the relationship between religion and violence.

“He said, I quote, ‘Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.'”

See: europe/09/15/pope.islam/

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9 Responses to “The ‘Prophet’ Mohammad is Naked”

  1. Dr. Engineer Mohammad Talib Chaudhry Says:

    God, the husband of Marry, fathered a child that was He Himself. If this makes any sense to you or Pope Benedict, you are surely beyond cure. Jews call Jesus as bastard. You and they both are in some type of mud. Take a shower and repent. Please in the name of Peace and Democracy.

  2. If your imams weren’t so stupid, you might be better informed.

    God was NOT the ‘husband’ of ‘Marry’. No, Jesus did NOT say, ‘I’m the son of God’ but ‘I’m the Son of Man’, meaning he was ‘of mankind’, a mortal. He might have been crucified but he didn’t resurrect or fly off into the stars – or at least this is my own belief. Nonetheless, his lessons of ‘love your enemies’ & ‘turn the other cheek’ make a fine contrast to, ‘Christians and Jews are monkeys and pigs’, as found in the dreadful Koran.

    The Pope was entirely right to draw the world’s attention to the essential fact that, whilst Christianity was spread by word of mouth, eventually uniting an empire, that illiterate thug Mohammad brought the world nothing new but spread his parasitical ideology by the sword, igniting centuries of warfare.

    ‘Jews call Jesus as bastard’. Another toxic little lie circulated by desperate and weak imams of your acquaintance? And who cares anyway. – islam is fracturing from the inside.

  3. ver Says:

    What will be osama 500yrs from now,If he wins his evil battle and and forms a new religion,with him being the final messenger of the god.HISTORY DOES REPEATS ITSELF

  4. Mohammad Says:


  5. Anonymous Says:

    hey i guess that u r crazy!!!

  6. dave Says:

    we as people of this world need understand that and think for our self is telling us to kill other people God is love and once we get to know God’s love we will see where we are going wrong ,why so much hate? the bible must be fulfilled.Jesus came in peace he never raise up war,think people which GOD is true

  7. The Hindu Says:

    Yes, Muhammad was a power hungry manipulator of people who used their desires for sex, eternal life and help from God, for personal gain. A bastard Sand Digger, a niggard

    Muhammad was a blood-thirsty man and his chosen symbol, the red crescent moon, is the symbol of the local pagan deity, their [blood red] god of war. Islam produces bloodshed in any clash with competing systems. It is peaceful in its areas of dominance, but soon starts to kill its own people i.e. shia vs sunni !

    My training is in management science. I believe in cause-and-effect – not ideology. If it looks bloody and violent, then it is. Therefore Islam is a violent religion! Most evil and raw, inhuman.

  8. farhang Says:

    The problem is not religions.but it is the people.In the name of religion many crimes have been made through the human history.I came to this site by accident .I was not surprised by your words .Every body give the right to himself.Many Christians make crimes in the name of democracy and religion .Can’t you clearly observe the out put of the US administration? or other corrupted Arab regimes ? and /or Israelis ? instead of blaming other religions ,we should blame our incomplete ,savage childish characters. The owner of this blog wants peace on earth .I trust to his/her words.But he should find the right way.categorizing in the manner as mentioned in this article is not true .If we assume one day Islam and Muslims are finished .Will the problems and violences be solved ?
    Have a good day

  9. Farhang Adib Says:

    you are not open have severe and false bias ,otherwise you should have published my prevous comment .It does not matter .At least you proved your character to me .that conclusion is enough for me

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