To the international right for life movement

December 30, 2006


Those who participated in the December 2006 United for Life Conference, held in Hilversum, the Netherlands, wish to draw the attention to the necessity of prayers now and especially for coming January 2007.

In that month meetings will take place with members of three political parties with the goal to form the new Dutch Government, after the November 22, 2006 elections.

After the November 22, 2006 elections in the Kingdom of the Netherlands it became apparent that the foundation of a new government would only be possible by forming a coalition consisting of more than two Parties.

On January 2, 2007 new talks will start with the leaders of the three parties, J.P. Balkenende (CDA), W. Bos (PvdA) and A. Rouvoet (CU).

The CDA and PvdA did not have a Pro-Life vision included in their parties election programme.

The ChristenUnie however do, together with one other Christian party.

What is at stake
The Netherlands are known for the liberal views on ethical subjects. Abortion became legal twenty five years ago. Further euthanasia and legal equal gender marriages are subjects which focussed attention of the International Press worldwide seven years ago, but are commonly accepted now.

With the formation talks for a new Government there may be a chance to reverse the liberal views in the Netherlands and turn to the commandments and guidelines as given to us in the Holy Scriptures.

It is our strong desire that CU leader Mr. André Rouvoet may be strengthened by our Lord through the Holy Ghost and follow the principals of the CU party program, stating a clear view on the subject of reversing life threatening laws; with amongst others, the goal to end legal abortions up to the 24th week, as part of the new political program effective after formation of the new government.

Prayer and fasting are the secrets. Actions and miracles are the results.

May we therefore ask your prayers in favour of CU leader Mr. André Rouvoet that he may be strong and courageous and not deviate from his pro-life Christian standpoints.

May the Lord bless André Rouvoet and all those around him, now and throughout the New Year.

United for life,

Michael van der Mast

Schreeuw om Leven, Cry for Life

Ruitersweg 35-37

1211 KT Hilversum

The Netherlands

Drs. Bert P. Dorenbos
voorzitter / president
Schreeuw om Leven / Cry for Life
Ruitersweg 35-37
1211 KT Hilversum
The Netherlands
P: +31 (0)35 624 43 51 / +31 (0)35 624 43 52
F: +31 (0)35 624 91 41


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