The Miracle of the International Pro Life Community Coming Together by Proclamation, Restoration and Intercession

December 19, 2006

Contact: Bert Dorenbos, Cry for Life, +31 (0) 35 624 4352 or

Phil Magnan, director of Biblical Family Advocates, 36-1-246-2587

Amsterdam-Biblical Family Advocates is pleased to announce the profound blessings associated with the efforts of the United for Life conference sponsored by Schreeeuw om Leven, (Cry for Life), Netherlands, that brought together pro life advocates from at least 7 Countries.

The conference delegates, from India, Holland, Belgium, Russia, Hungary, USA and Germany came together not only to network their intentions and visions, but also to go to many places of international interest. These international delegates went to the European Union in Brussels, in which they were not only briefed by a representative of the European Commission, but were also able to have an intercessory prayer gathering on behalf of the EU and its leadership at the entrance gat of the European Parliament. Additionally, efforts were made to contact the Dutch Parliament in The Hague, within its own courts and buildings with the message of life and publicly praying for their leadership to encourage the Dutch Parliament to stand up for the rights of the unborn and consider the tragic effects of abortion on women.

One of most profound moments was the revealing of thousands of signed affidavits’ by women who had been injured by abortion. These documents of sworn testimony was assembled by attorney’s Allan Parker and Clayton Trotter of the Justice Foundation USA,, and was given to those associated with the Dutch Parliament, in the foyer of Dutch assembly building as well as at a historic church, Noorderkerk Church, gathering in which Dutch Parliament member Dr. Bas J. van der Vlies was given the volumes of heart felt testimony of women wounded by abortion.

Present at these events were many courageous women from Holland and the USA who had themselves undergone the abortion procedure and have suffered the horrendous effects of abortion. They are part of the Justice Foundation’s project Operation Outcry/Silent No More in which the largest body of testimonies has been assembled in the world regarding the effects of abortion on women. Centered prominently in these tragic effects is the need for churches to proclaim that abortion is a grave sin, but also proclaim the forgiveness of Christ to help break the cycle of abortion, in which 50 million children are killed world wide every year. This church event had followed the remarkable gathering of hundreds of peaceful pro life advocates who marched in downtown Amsterdam

Pastor John Ebenezar from India said that female infanticide was commonplace in India and challenged pro life Christians to respond to this crisis. Vishal Mangalwadi, from India/Hollywood, whose scholarly work regarding the Bibles profound impact on western civilization was met with great interest from the largest media service in the Netherlands, the Evangelical Voradvasting Company (EO). “It was simply amazing how many opportunities were afforded to us in the Netherlands and Belgium in which we were praying constantly at many gatherings as well as becoming part of the political process by spiritual advocacy.” So says Phil Magnan Director of Biblical Family Advocates. “It is our hope to continue this fine work of bringing many different countries together on the issues of life with the understanding that many forms of ministry are needed to completely address the ongoing war on the unborn and those men and women involved in it. We found out that we have a lot of friends who have the same conviction to stop the atrocity of abortion.”

Drs. Bert P. Dorenbos
voorzitter / president
Schreeuw om Leven / Cry for Life
Ruitersweg 35-37
1211 KT Hilversum
The Netherlands
P: +31 (0)35 624 43 51 / +31 (0)35 624 43 52
F: +31 (0)35 624 91 41


One Response to “The Miracle of the International Pro Life Community Coming Together by Proclamation, Restoration and Intercession”

  1. Helen Says:

    To international pro-life workers and supporters

    This letter is the request to support the Dutch Pro-life
    organization ‘Schreeuw om Leven’.
    The organization ‘Schreeuw om Leven’ presided by Bert and Willy
    Dorenbos, is under unjust criticism by women, who were hurt by abortion
    and used to come for counseling to ‘Schreeuw om Leven’.
    During many years, Pro-life studies the problem of traumatic
    consequences of abortion. This situation shows that it is far not
    completely studied. The lies we hear about the Dorenbos couple,
    demonstrate to us that we need to take serious measures for dealing with
    psychological disorders of those women.
    We see the realistic threat that not only the Dutch organization
    ‘Schreeuw om Leven’ today but the entire pro-life movement tomorrow can
    be undermined and come to collapse.
    We are concerned with the possibility that the campaign may be begun in
    media, trying to discredit ‘Schreeuw om Leven’ in its
    charitable, political, financial and other activities.
    ‘Schreeuw om Leven’ is surviving the hard times. They have already
    overcome many of those before, with God’s help.
    If we do not stay indifferent, if we support ‘Schreeuw om Leven’
    by writing letters of support and helping financially, the Lord will
    strengthen the entire Pro-Life movement. If we remain silent, we all
    become liable to enemy’s assault, one by one.
    If you wish to support ‘Schreeuw om Leven’, please join our group.
    ‘This is what the Lord says –
    Your Redeemer, who formed you in the womb:
    I am the Lord,
    Who has made all things,
    Who alone stretched out the heavens,
    Who spread out the earth by myself,
    Who folds the signs of false prophets
    And makes fools of diviners,
    Who overthrows the learning of the wise
    And turns it into nonsense,
    Who carries out the words of his servants and fulfills the predictions
    of his messengers,
    Who says if Jerusalem, ‘It shall be inhabited’,
    Of the towns of Judah, ‘They shall be built,’
    And of their ruins, ‘I will restore them’.
    (Isaiah 44: 24 – 26)

    You can send your letters of support and contact:
    Drs. Bert P. Dorenbos
    voorzitter / president
    Schreeuw om Leven / Cry for Life
    Ruitersweg 35-37
    1211 KT Hilversum
    The Netherlands
    P: +31 (0)35 624 43 51 / +31 (0)35 624 43 52
    F: +31 (0)35 624 91 41

    On behalf of supporting group
    Helen Kim

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