WASHINGTON, Nov. 30 /Christian Newswire/ — The Washington-DC based human rights group, International Christian Concern (ICC),www.persecution.org, has learned that in early October, a mob of three hundred Muslims murdered six Christians, and seriously wounded fifteen others during a midnight worship service in Beshasha, a town located in the Agaro province, 408 kilometers West of Addis Ababa.

On October 14, Orthodox Christians held a midnight worship service when a group of three hundred Muslims, carrying guns and knives approached the church. The mob could not enter the locked doors to the church but then proceeded to pour gasoline around the building, forcing the Christians to come out of the building.

The men of the church came out first and attempted to defend the men and women but had no real weapons, in comparison to the guns and knives used against them. The Muslim mob began to attack the Christians. Fifteen individuals from the church suffered sever knife wounds. Six people died as a result, two priests, two elderly women, and two men.

Two weeks later, the Ethiopian media announced that the police had arrested the leader of the massacre. However, the violence against Christians continues to steadily increase. It was only two weeks before the Beshasha massacre that another attack on Christians occurred in Jimma, Ethiopia because Muslims opposed Orthodox Christians celebrating the traditional Meskel holiday.

Muslims in the Horn of Africa are becoming increasingly radical and violent and are being urged to export that violence to surrounding countries.

This trend is almost certainly affecting Christians in Ethiopia. The Union of Islamic Courts in Somalis recently called for Jihad against Ethiopia, appealing to Muslims of the Horn to rise up against anyone who would dare come against the religion of Allah.

The tragic incident may only be a precursor of things to come as Muslims in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania are radicalized.

ICC is a Washington-DC based human rights organization that exists to help persecuted Christians worldwide. ICC delivers humanitarian aid, trains and supports persecuted pastors, raises awareness in the US regarding the problem of persecution, and is an advocate for the persecuted on Capitol Hill and the State Department. For additional information or for an interview, contact ICC at 800-422-5441.


MIDLAND, Texas, Nov. 29 /Christian Newswire/ — China Aid Association learned that three controversial church leaders were executed secretly sometime last week.

According to Mr. Li Maoxing’s wife, she was asked by the Intermediate Court of Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang province at 2:30pm on November 28 (Beijing time) to collect her husband’s ashes at the court as soon as possible. According to attorney Li Heping who is the defense lawyer for Mr. Xu Shuangfu, the founder of the Three Grade Servant church group, Mr. Xu, Mr. Li Maoxing and Mr. Wang Jun were already executed secretly sometime last week. Neither of their attorneys nor any of their relatives was informed in advance about the execution. The Defense team for the three executed argued that there is no evidence to prove Xu and the other two church leaders were directly involved or took part in organizing and abetting the murder of the members of the Eastern Lightening religious group.

Attorney Li Heping told CAA that he was deeply disturbed by the secret arbitrary execution without even notifying the family members of the executed in advance. CAA confirms that so far 15 individual believers and leaders had been executed in related to this case.

“We are completely shocked by this news” said Rev. Bob Fu, the president of CAA, “the arbitrary execution certainly shows the Chinese central government is totally ignoring the rule of law. The local government is clearly engaging cover-up the evidence of torture by secret cremating the inmates’ bodies. We appeal to the Supreme People’s Court to launch independent investigation on this case.”

Defense Lawyer Mr. Wei Rujiu’s contact phone number:
Phone: +86-13901098010

Ms. Wu Aiying, minister of Ministry of Justice of PRC
Address: No. 10, Nan Da Jie, Chaoyangmen, Beijing City (Zip Code: 100020)

by Medhat Klada

“Beware the barefooted man when he can finally afford a shoe.” This Egyptian saying applies to anyone from the lower class without manners or money if things change for him and he became wealthy and influential. It speaks of how his personality will change when he becomes rich after being poor and hungry. The changes are easy to see. After coming into money, the poor personality changes from weakness to power, from mercy to cruelty, from mildness to sarcasm and pride, from being nice to people to crushing people. And that saying goes perfectly with another saying, “Beware of a man who is full after being hungry.”

These changes show the true material of humans. That is why we also say, “Humans are materials.” And that saying doesn’t only apply to individuals, but also to kings, presidents and countries as well. Money also has an effect on countries. It can change a country’s policies after is transforms from poor to extremely rich and from a country that has no resources to a country with unlimited resources. This perfectly suits the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia before and after it discovered petroleum.

Saudi Arabia used to be a poor country that depended solely on the Haj season for its only income, as it has no other resources. The Haj was the only way it could get any sort of financial assistance from Egypt and El-Sham. Saudi Arabia used to borrow money from the family of Bin Laden until the Haj season came. And after the Haj it would repay the family.

But now, after the discovery of petroleum and the jump in its price, which has doubled so many times, many things have changed, and we will show how.

Saudi Arabia became a major economic power, and like the barefooted man, it bought soles with money. It paid a lot of money to buy the votes and support of many countries, politicians, presidents and others to serve Saudi Arabia and turn a blind eye to its crimes against humanity and religions. Here are some examples of what Saudi Arabia did to buy the politicians of the world:

Financed the Bill Clinton Presidential Library with $20 million.
Its relationship with the current American President, George Bush and his family and the petroleum company.
Buying the ex-minister of Lebanon to work as a spy in its intelligence agency by providing him with money.
Buying votes inside the U.N. It even got elected as a member of the Human Rights Committee. And wow – a country that violates human rights to a country that supports human rights.
Buying countries like America, Russia, China and other countries in Europe with the weapons deals in which it also achieves another goal – the Saudi Arabian ruling family makes its own profit from these deals.
Buying universities and institutes and oppressing anyone who opposes Saudi Arabia inside or outside, with Dr. Ahmed Sobhi Mansour being the best example of this.
Dominating the Arabic media in the whole world [the newspapers of Al-Shark Al-Awsat and Al-Ahaya and Al-Arabia Net and Al-Arabia TV, etc.].
Using Emad Adib, an intelligence officer in Egypt, to get access to the politicians of Egypt.
Saudi Arabia spread bribes among the Arab world and especially in Egypt, where it ruined the good morals of the Egyptian population. And so most of the Arab countries became the place for the fancies and desires of the Saudi people to be indulged. It’s enough to realize that Egypt has 2 million children without fathers and there are 50,000 paternity suits against Saudi men.
Raping minor girls in the name of marriage in Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. You will find a 65-year old man marrying a minor girl of 13 or 14 who has a fake birth certificate that was paid for with bribes to weak-hearted people who are after petroleum money.
Paying millions of dollars for Islamic legal societies to kidnap and convert Christian girls to Islam.
Buying off high-ranking members in the Secret Services who will turn a blind eye to the kidnapping and raping of Coptic girls.
Hiring and buying Egyptian and Lebanese actresses and singers for the fancies of Saudi millionaires under the eye of the Secret Service [and of course the example of Sheikh Fahd and the famous actress who used to travel to him].
Contributed to spread terrorism and extremism in the whole world. The evidence for this is that 15 of 19 terrorists on 9/11 were Saudi Muslims holding Wahabi beliefs.
Financed Al-Qaeda until a few years ago with money and weapons.
Pressured Pakistan to recognize the Taliban in Afghanistan, a group that lives in the 21st century with the mentality of the 7th century.
Finances the terrorists in the Philippines, the Abu Sayaf people, and also in Thailand, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sudan, Jordan, and all European countries, especially in Germany and Italy.
Its role in supporting and protecting the extreme Muslim Brothers in Egypt and its role in ruining the national unity of Egypt.
Its role in Somalia with the Islamic legal societies and supporting them with weapons and money to become the Taliban of Africa.
Spreading religious terrorism whose mission is to get Christians out of the Middle East. Since the 1955 Conference of the Islamic World agenda, and making the organization of the Islamic world and Saudi embassies to implement it, financed by the Islamic Bank of Feisl and the other Islamic banks.
Saudi Arabia used its economic powers to ruin Arab countries, especially Egypt, by buying the weak-hearted people in power, starting with Mubarak to Safwat Al-Sharif [the one responsible for fancy services for the Gulf millionaires]. With its big money and gifts it bought the souls of people in power and made Egypt follow Saudi Arabia and kneel under the domination of Wahabism.

It bought Al-Azhar with gifts and money to become a tool in the hands of bloody Wahabism to spread hatred, extremism and violence and humiliate the other, especially the Copts of Egypt.

The rule of Saudi millionaire Saleh Kamal in buying Al-Azhar, hence Wahabism and transforming Egypt into Egyptstan.
The economic role of Saudi Arabia to make Egypt dependent on the Saudis.
Finally, talking about the Satanic plan for the Wahabi kingdom has not and will not stop. Its role in ruining the world by spreading hatred and spreading the Bedouin bloody Wahabi belief will not stop. Its effort to dominate the Islamic world and make all different Islamic sects fade away in front of the Wahabi sect will not stop. It falsely thinks that it is far away from its own ruin. But whatever it sows, it will reap in the end. And the Wahabis will be dominated by the will of Allah in one of three scenarios:

By Bin Laden and his followers, that snake that was brought up inside the royal family is now demanding the throne of the Wahabi kingdom and has begun enacting his plan already.
By the Saudi people themselves. They know how much the Saudi family steals from the petroleum money and from the weapons deals and they are now beginning a revolution to destroy the Satanic royal family and put an end to it.
By Iran, which seeks to spread the Shi’ite belief by playing the same dirty game the Saudis play by buying votes in Syria, Lebanon and other Gulf nations.
The end of the Satanic kingdom will not come from the West, because the West is kneeling in front of the altar of petroleum and was bought by the barefooted Al-Saud who is described by the saying, “Beware the barefooted man when he can finally afford a shoe.”

So now we feel the greatest fear about the future of world peace, the freedom of religion and freedom for all humanity because of this extremist Bedouin barefooted bloody cruel ignorant Wahabi that has ruined many countries of the world and spread hatred, murder and bloodshed using the petrol dollar. Now the saying, “Beware the barefooted man when he can finally afford a shoe,” perfectly suits them. May God save us from their evil.

CHADDS FORD, Penn., Nov. 24 /Christian Newswire/ — Four Christian photographers from PhotoMission were part of a recent missions team God sent to Belgium to encourage the growth of His church in the city of Gent. The PhotoMission team, consisting of three US members: Krista Guenin, Julie Robles, and Connie Wragge and one UK member, Ian Homer, encountered the living God in new ways through a week of rich worship experiences and ministry that included a daily outreach to Belgium residents, international students and refugees.

Upon arriving at the office of the International Community Church Gent (ICCG), the four PhotoMission members became part of a larger, Operation Mobilization Autumn Challenge team, http://www.om.org. Through the team’s presence, their commitment to work together and their individual gifting, nine people served in a catalytic way to move the interest in the Gospel forward in the city. The team worked alongside Leo Proot, senior pastor and church planter of the ICCG. Pastor Leo led the group as team members came to more fully grasp what it means to reflect the character of Jesus and how this aspect of the Christian life becomes visible to, and in, the world.

The team served each other through daily household assignments, met for worship and Bible study and then applied what was learned on the streets of the city, in small groups held in college dormitories and during a time of worship and fellowship with refugees in a private residence.

The International Community Church Gent first began meeting in 1999 with a mission to establish a multi- cultural, city church with four sites at different locations by the year 2015. The vision of the church is to serve international people residing in Gent, offering them a community which helps them as they live beyond the borders of their homeland. The ICCG website is found at http://www.iccg.be.

PhotoMission is a worldwide community of Christian photographers serving Christ through their lives and their talents. This is the ministry’s second missions trip, with the first one being to India in 2004. PhotoMission presently has 171 members living in 28 countries. Its website is found at http://www.photomission.com.

Great article!! I Wish I had thought to write it, but upon reading it, I am glad Dr. Mohammed wrote this article, for it seems that his life’s work has been this. God bless him!!


ORLANDO, Nov. 14 /Christian Newswire/ — On average, one “baby boomer” retires every seven seconds in the United States, and Wycliffe Associates is tailoring its programs with this in mind, Martin Huyett, vice president of volunteer services for the worldwide organization announced today.

“Wycliffe Associates, which supports Bible translators in practical ways, is building a new Volunteer Mobilization Center in Orlando to recruit, train and mobilize the service contributions of what is expected to be a continued influx of mature, skilled volunteers,” said Huyett.

Baby boomers – those born after World War II and before the Vietnam War – make up a quarter of the total population in the United States.

“In their teens and 20s, they redefined pop culture,” John Hall of Texas Baptist Communications has written. “In their 30s ands 40s, they challenged the traditional role of women. Now in their 50s and 60s, baby boomers are poised to change American culture again.”

Dr. Todd Johnson, a research fellow and director of the Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, confirms that boomers are more interested in being active than just giving money. Many are starting NGOs ( non- governmental organizations) such as orphanages, business centers and health clinics that minister at a local level.

“Many retirees’ post-retirement plans are being built around missions,” Johnson said.

Although boomers are sometimes branded as members of a very self-centered and individualistic generation, many are experiencing a deepening desire to give back. They are coming to realize that significance is found in looking beyond oneself, studies show.

Christian organizations, such as Wycliffe Associates, believe they have a great opportunity to match mature, highly honed skills with ministry opportunities.

“It’s cheaper these days to go overseas. The entire world is more accessible,” said Wycliffe Associates’ Huyett. “Today’s 60-year-old is mature and needs far less training in living skills than his or her younger counterpart. Traditionally, mission organizations send new missionaries in their 20s and 30s through an orientation process, like a jungle camp, to learn how to survive the harsh living conditions in the field. But a person in his or her 50s and above has triumphed through their productive years and has built-in strategies for success.”

Wycliffe Associates has experienced this phenomenon among its own ranks.

One such boomer is Michael Willard, a retired U.S. Army Special Forces engineer, who has taken his skills to the mission field. Willard’s career was spent designing and building airstrips for jets, so his skills are highly valued in places like Papua New Guinea and Africa. Without air transportation, missionaries in small villages would be at risk of greater isolation from food and medical supplies.

Willard was part of a Green Berets special unit that established military airstrips in jungles and other remote places. He used these skills in Papua New Guinea, where the local people rely heavily on small airplanes for transportation. Airstrips need continuous maintenance and care as the jungle intrudes. Recently, dozens of airstrips were too dangerous to land a plane. One particular airstrip had been torn apart by a small volcano. Willard and his teams restored 10 airstrips there.

During 2005, more than 1,200 Wycliffe Associates volunteers served in 36 countries as part of the worldwide Bible translation team. Wycliffe Associates plans to send more than 1,500 volunteers to 40 different counties this year to build and renovate facilities, construct roads and airstrips, teach Vacation Bible Schools, help with language development and office work, oversee projects, use their computer skills and much more.

“Time” magazine reported that boomers volunteer at a rate of 33 percent, contrasted with 24 percent for those 65 and older. Last year, 65.4 million people did volunteer work, but 75 million volunteers will be needed in 2010, the magazine reported.

The need for volunteers is there, said Huyett. Wycliffe Associates currently has more than 2,000 unfilled volunteer positions.

Wycliffe Associates responds quickly to inquiries and then matches volunteers with appropriate assignments. Upon completion, Wycliffe Associates’ new Volunteer Mobilization Center in Orlando will be dedicated to coordinate volunteers to support and advance Bible translation.

“The benefit to adults who feel God’s call to ministry in the second half of life is an enriching experience, as they use the skills and knowledge gained in their younger years for eternal purposes,” said Huyett. “Free from the pressures of youth and middle age, the older adult can do exciting, meaningful things never dreamed of before.

“As hundreds of thousands of new volunteer missionaries rise from the ranks of retiring baby boomers, they will challenge the status quo of missions and how organizations will respond to them,” Huyett said. Wycliffe Associates is positioned to usher in a new era of evangelism, Christian service and missions by involving thousands of boomers in the acceleration of Bible translation worldwide.”

MIDLAND, Texas, Nov. 14 /Christian Newswire/ — CAA learned that November 17-19, 2006, the Heilongjiang Higher People’s Court re-tried the case of the “Three Grades Servants.” In December it is very possible that the death sentence issued by the Shuang Yashan Intermediate People’s Court in the first trial will be upheld for Xu Shengguang and 2 other church leaders.

The second trial was held in the Shuang Yashan Intermediate People’s Court room by judges from the Provincial Higher Court. Officers from National Jurisdiction Organs and the National Religious Affairs Bureau were also present. Only 15 of the 16 defendants appealed for a second trial.

The court allowed one relative of each suspected criminal to be present at the trial, although some 100 people were present in the audience. According to the eyewitnesses, Xu seemed physically and mentally well during the trial.

The Defense argued that there is no evidence to prove Xu and the other two church leaders were directly involved or took part in organizing and abetting the murder of the members of the Eastern Lightening religious group.

According to an amendment passed by the 24th Conference of the Chinese Standing Committee of the People’s National Congress, beginning January 2007, the Chinese Supreme Court can reverse a Provincial Court’s death sentence. Unfortunately the mid- December verdict date for Xu falls two or three weeks prior to the effective date of the new procedure. So if the death sentences are upheld in the second trial, Xu and the others will face execution.

According to information received by CAA, the “Three Grades Servant” sect, even though they claim to be Christians and adhere to the Bible, is considered a heresy by mainstream house churches in China, because of their extreme doctrine. The Eastern Lightening group founded by a woman named Zheng, who claims to be China’s female reincarnation of Jesus Christ, is widely acknowledged by house churches to be a cult and a criminal religious group.

“We are closely monitoring the progress of this case,” said Rev. Bob Fu, the president of CAA, “We appeal to the Heilongjiang Higher People’s Court to try this case in a just and fair manor according to the Chinese Constitution.”

Defense Lawyer Mr. Wei Rujiu’s contact phone number:+86-13901098010

Ms. Wu Aiying, minister of Ministry of Justice of PRC
Address: No. 10, Nan Da Jie, Chaoyangmen, Beijing City (Zip Code: 100020)

Issued by CAA on November 14, 2006