Moslems See the Light, Episode One (Sahid)

September 27, 2006

(Lifted from

Sorry for bad English but I needed to write to you. I am not very good at it. I am a Muslim. I read your articles and changed my mind about Islam. I was among those who tried to advocate Islam. I thought Osama bin Laden was not a Muslim and I was. Now I see I was not a Muslim and Osama Bin Laden was.

Fortunately I am living in Sweden and I can become an apostate. It is a free country. I was born in Saudi Arabia and if I left Islam in that country I would be killed.

I must change my whole life because I left Islam. It will be hard but I will try to do it because I don’t want to be a Muslim. I no longer visit mosque. I no longer pray. I stopped doing these things. I shaved my face.

I don’t promise to become a Western man in a day but I already began changing.

My family is living in Saudi Arabia . I will not tell them about my decision because they are very intolerant.

I hope all Muslims will leave Islam. And it will happen. Islam is inhumane. You can’t be a human and a Muslim at the same time. Most Muslims will choose to be humans. It is for sure.

I was a Muslim but I didn’t want to kill non-Muslims. I didn’t think about such verses in the Quran. I thought it was to be practiced only in the 7th century.

I am a father. I have a one-year-old daughter. Her mother died when she was having her. My daughter will not be a Muslim woman. She will be a western woman. She will receive education and have a career. I will do everything I can to do it.

It is really funny that I read the Quran million times but I didn’t see things that you wrote in your articles. You made me stop being blind.

Thanks for your site. You made me a better human being. No, you made me a human being. Before it I was a Muslim.

My sister who is also in Sweden left Islam long time ago but I didn’t know. When I told her I had left Islam she was very happy. We are now friends. My family (and me before I left Islam) didn’t like her because she did everything to leave Saudi Arabia and go to free countries. She hated Islam from her childhood. It is in her nature. She always wanted to peruse a career. She is doing it now. She says Islam is unbearable for women (especially in Saudi Arabia ).

I read all articles on your site. It took me some months. I made my own investigation. I talked to my Imam. He didn’t answer my questions.

P.S. I hope things will improve in your mother country. Iranians are the most intelligent and educated among other Muslims.

Thank you very much! I know my English is awful but I live in Sweden and Swedish was more important to me!

Posted by: Sahid


3 Responses to “Moslems See the Light, Episode One (Sahid)”

  1. fatima Says:

    Dear ahmed

    Dont worry , no one will know you have left islam if you dont tell .
    As for your sister , it is not islam fault if she could not pursue a career it is the Al saoud Fault . remember the prophet wife ? she used to be a businesswoman and sold Camels all over arabia . and there are many muslim women at the time who took part in the many wars waged on muslims . women were part of the great islamic civilisation in Spain and many women pursue careers in Malaysia , Lebanon, Indonesia , Algeria and Morocco . it is the evil mentality of your dictators who wont even allow women to drive . My mom has been driving since 1964 in Algeria (a muslim Country ) and she used to be a freedom fighter against the french armies . i have studied in ALgeria and have 2 degrees and islam did not prevent me from doing so . I also speak Perfect French and my Governement paid for my scholarship in France too . Salam . wishing you all the best in sweden .


  2. ‘she used to be a businesswoman and sold Camels all over arabia’

    Yes, but on her marriage to Ubu’l Kassim* (AKA ‘Muhammed’), she apparently handed over the reins of the business to him. Hardly enlightened.

    Sahid’s story gives me huge hope that huge lie that is Islam will just gradually disintegrate from within, like communism. What sensible person would accept a self-confessed paedophile as a prophet? If he was such a wonderful man, he would have radically changed nasty Bedouin culture for the better but instead he indulged. The rotten squid.

    some of the books quoted in this article are hugely expensive so obviously aimed at eggheads, ie exhaustively researched and intellectually hard to beat.

  3. Stupid Ahmed,
    You have not left Islam, you have choosen satanic practice so called independance. The Pratice in which Women are used as sex tools.
    You have coosen a life, in which in every path you will delt with lies and you will spend your life in Dark, Initially you will attract will illusion and finally you will be in Dark.
    Why people are accepting Islam, because they want to come out of Dark and Alcoholic World.

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