September 15, 2006

Well, I said it and I did it! REJOICE with me, my friends, even if it only gets you back where you started! It is not the prettiest thing yet, but does it have to be??

Please forward my new home on the web to all of your friends!



3 Responses to “AhmedSalib.Com!”

  1. Egypeter Says:

    Elf mabrouk ya basha!

    I will be visiting every day for news on Egypt and the Coptic Nation!

    I love you Ahmed!! The work you are doing is so special and quite unbelivable!

    Elf shokran ya gameel!!

    I just love your name :) God bless you!

  2. ahmedsalib Says:

    Hello Peter, thank you so much for your congrats and kind words. I love you, too! Even if you were married to my sister, I could not feel more that you are my brother as I do now! Alf shokran to you for your support :-) Glad you like my name, maybe one day we’ll sit down and I’ll tell you how I came to be called this. God bless you, too, and till the next time,


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