Michael Jackson and Mohammed Have A Lot In Common!!

September 1, 2006

I was just reading an article and got an image in my head: Michael Jackson, surrounded by children… and “The Prophet” in the same pose.

The difference? Jacko keeps denying his proclivities, while Mohammed’s “exploits” are not only common knowledge, but defended far and wide by every self-respecting Moslem on the planet. (Then again, so is murder in the name of “Allah.” Anything for the Moon god, eh?)


One Response to “Michael Jackson and Mohammed Have A Lot In Common!!”

  1. Rush Says:

    unfortunatly u dont seem from ur articles to be a person that read anything about islam..why dont u TRY and read prophit mohammeds history a LIL bit before u attack a holly prophit as if u have personal issues with him?
    u comparinga holly prophit to MJ?? WHATS NEXT…TUPAC SHAKUR VS JESUS CHRIST COMPARISONS??
    for real man..i wont even go low to ur level…cuz fortunatly for u…unlike most muslims now..i studied my religion RIGHT…and we respect all prophits and religions wether u like it or not…and those idiots who claim to be muslims that act different and show hate and violence towards Christians even if only verbally WILL be punished in life and after death…because in reality, muslims have to protect all christian civilians living within an islamic nation and must treat them equal to muslims and they must be given the freedom to practise their religion in peace..
    so those muslims u keep referring to are not true muslims..
    just like hateful christians like you who attack other peoples religion are NOT real christians either…i dont think christianity pushes u to disrespect other peoples free will and religious believes…i know and respect UR religion more than you….so stop wasting all our time with this stupid ignorant BS…and people who are wasting time arguing with this air head who has no time t even back up his stupid stories with any evidence…let him go…
    he will lose his motive with lack of attention

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