F. From Bahrain Takes On Salib About Black Moslems

August 27, 2006

J.A. Salib, I read your article about blacks, who turn Muslim… First of all, you have no idea what you’re talking about so you can’t stereotype all Muslims by seeing some Muslim family in Egypt. For your kind information, the first man who said the “athaan” (prayer in the mosque) was black.

“1: To the Moslems, darkness is evil” … What the hell are you talking about?! Half of the Muslims in the Gulf and in Africa are black! Why would we think that dark people are evil?! Sorry to say this, but you really must be out of your mind… you should go and double check your information before writing an article and telling people what religion to choose and what religion not to choose!!

“If only she was lighter”?! This is a very racist remark… I am a Muslim; I don’t think that white people are superior in any way! Please think about what you’re saying next time…

No offense, but you don’t sound very sane to me…



3 Responses to “F. From Bahrain Takes On Salib About Black Moslems”

  1. hutchrun Says:

    It has become clear that the enslavement of black Africans did not stop with the demise of the Atlantic Slave Trade. That on this very day and hour, as you read this, black Africans are bought and sold in two North African countries. In the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, black Africans continue to be enslaved by their Arab-Berber masters. Although slavery was declared abolished three times since Mauritania’s independence in 1960, it persists. Slaves are given as wedding gifts, traded for camels, guns or trucks, and inherited. The children of slaves belong to the master and slaves who displease their masters or attempt escapes are tortured in the most brutal manner imaginable.

    In Sudan, Africa’s largest country, the Islamic Republic of the Sudan, as a result of an Islamic-vs.-Christian civil war, black women and children (mostly Christian) are captured in raids on their villages and sold as chattel slaves, sometimes, according to the UN in “modern-day slave markets.”


  2. kwabena Says:

    The concept of race(s) is false but the creation of Europeans who are not white if one can distinguish color but melanin-deficient albino mutants with recessive genes. There is one single humanity, and all people are spawn out of the African (yes, even the Chinese!).

    That much said, it must be stressed that an Arab (or for that matter a Jew) is not a race and those in the zone called the zone of confluence (from Mauritania all the way through mid-France south to the so-called Middle-east) are a miscegenation between those with a hue and those without.

    Successive invasions from those of the North have given the Arabs a lighter complexion but that is no postive attribut because the human with a darker hue (Blacks) have the dominant genes.

    It is cosmically and biologically impossible for the Africans (Blacks) to be inferior because they have the dominant genes. Let those psychotics who think otherwise dwell in their illusion.

    The original man is African in Africa with the most variety of phenotypes and physiology as seen across the planet.

    In the race construct of white racism, the words “half-caste, mixed-race, mulatto etc may have filtered in various cultures but metaphorically speaking, a mule that depises a Black stallion, has taken the characteristics of the other parent, the donkey.

    Just to say, those in the Arab world who think they are superior to Blacks, must think again.

  3. ‘.. a mule that depises a Black stallion, has taken the characteristics of the other parent, the donkey.’

    Tut, tut, some shabby racism on display here.

    People of mixed race have the strongest genes of all because recessive genes are knocked out in both directions. Nature needs us to intermarry, or inter-relate anyway.

    ‘cosmically … impossible for the Africans (Blacks) to be inferior because they have the dominant genes.’

    Yeah, well, I’ve leave you with this from the Kingdom of Lunacy blog:

    ‘I came home. Greeted my father and my sweet, sweet brother, T. And the first thing that came out of their mouths was, “9erty 3abdah!” (translation: you’ve gone black! – but the actual translation for the second word “3abdah” is slave – not a very nice way to refer to dark skinned people, but this is Saudi Arabia and nice is an alien concept here)…That’s all I keep hearing from everyone around here about my tan – which I got as a result of having to smoke in the excruciating heat during the afternoons in Riyadh… My relatives seriously need to get with the 21st century!’


    Naughty (racist to the core) Saudis!

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