Four Missionaries Tortured in Yunan Province

August 19, 2006

MIDLAND, Texas, Aug. 11 /Christian Newswire/ — On July 24, 2006, four missionaries were arrested by the local police in Wuyi Township, Mengla County, Jinghong City, Yunan Province charged with “superstitious activity.”

The head of the local police station, who was allegedly drunk that evening, and ten policemen tortured the four missionaries from 8 PM, July 24th until 2 AM the next day. One female missionary had her hair torn out.

“In this remote area, where it is far from the emperor, I can beat you until you obey. You have no where to lodge a complaint.” the police threatened. The police even discussed handing over the two women missionaries to a minority tribe to rape them.

The police handcuffed the four missionaries to chairs in their office and left them there until 2 PM, July 25, 2006, when they were escorted to Mengla County National Security Guard squad office.

The police could not prove they had committed any crime so they set them free at 8 PM, July 25, 2006, after searching their pockets. The police confiscated $400 in cash, Bibles, and hymn disks and did not issue any receipts.

The 4 missionaries were in so much pain they could hardly walk out the gate of the National Security Guard office. They stated that they did not think they would survive the interrogation.

CAA calls upon the international community to protest the treatment of these persecuted Christians and the atrocities of the local policemen.

The 4 missionaries are:

Xing Baoying and Wang Guizhen from Luohe, Henan

Li Jianying from Jinghong town, Jinghong city

Li Tuying from Jinghong Farm

Xing Baoying and Wang Guizhen were just released on March 10th 2006 from the Reeducation through Labor camp, where they served their sentence of 2 years because of religious sake.

Sister Wang Guizhen was converted in 1984. 10 years after her conversion she studied in southern China Theological Seminary. She worked for the “Three-Self” church for 1 year after graduation. In 1999, Sister Wang left the “Three-Self” church, and started serving in house churches.

Sister Wang Guizhen and her husband, brother Xing Baoying were arrested on July 25th, 2004. They endured cruel torture in the custody centre. They were later put into “Re-education through labor camp” for 2 years because of sister Wang refused to cooperate with the “Three-Self” church. Sister Wang Guizhen and Brother Xing Baoying had just been released in March 2006.

This press release is available in Chinese at


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