Videos, Videos, Videos.

August 17, 2006

I’ve been asked to post this link to the EQUALITY IN EGYPT CAMPAIGN.

You should link it, too.
Equality In Egypt’s blog is at This Site. You can find all their videos there.

Speaking of videos, Dr. Sally Bishai has posted her documentary about the Copts online. Watch
the FIRST half and theSECOND half.
Check out the grossest and most disturbing video you will ever see. It is of 2 Coptic sisters who apparently converted; at first, you buy it, but then the girl goes berserk and you wonder if she was raped, brainwashed, beaten or drugged to say what she did. I might even write an article about it, that’s how disturbed I was. In any case, here it is: The Gross Video.

In a final parting note, I want to say how enthused I am about this new medium of video and vlogging, because now more ideas can get out there.
Until later,


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