The Root Of All Evil

August 13, 2006

The Bible says it’s money (splash around in Timothy to read all about it), but I have a different take on it, and I don’t even think that God would strike me dead for changing His word.

The root of all evil is ISLAM.

I’m sorry, Moslems, but it’s true!! Imagine a world without Islam, and you will imagine the most peaceful place imaginable, where the worst things are psychopaths and thieves. At least they are men enough to not hide behind their insanity and their greed.

True Moslems, on the other hand, satisfy their bloodlust, their violence, and their rabid sexuality under the guise of religion.

You know, I have to thank the respondents in the Indrek Wichman article, for I was feeling very uninspired this past week, it seems all my favorite bloggers went on vacation!! But then I saw the video below, and remembered my hatred for the false cult of “Islam.”

It’s not even a real or well-thought-out cult! Dear God in heaven, please SAVE these people from their madness, and save me from my sadness.

HOW can a person be happy to hate and kill others? If one of you readers is an atheist or Jew or Moslem, I would never hate you for not accepting my religion. I may be sad, but I will never hate you, or even fight with you.

But such ANGER and HATRED comes across in my Moslem respondent’s replies and comments here! I am very sad for this. It makes my eyes mist, it truly does. I, a full-grown man, biting my lip on a crying spell. Ridiculous-sounding, I know.

But can you blame me?

With many tears and prayers for your salvation,


2 Responses to “The Root Of All Evil”

  1. indiegal Says:

    Hi there brother,

    found your blog and I think you’re an arab/mideast Christian… CMIIW :)
    Nice blog and I track all your posts. Nice to know other Christian brother that blogging about our relationship as a Christian in Muslim country.
    I, a Christian Indonesian… Love my country so much and we, Indonesian Christian, believe that God ‘put’ us in this country to pray for our Indonesian broz/siz that never hear about Christ. We pray for their salvation, and we pray that God give us strength to tell Good News for them.
    And I believe us unite in our pray for the lost…

    GOD Bless brother !

    PS : don’t know what’s in Arabic/mideast, ‘salib’ means…
    But in Indonesia lang., it means ‘Cross’.. :-)

    Another ps : sorry for my lack of English. I know it’s very very bad English :))

  2. edc Says:

    Hello Salib.
    Yes, a “crying spell”; I know what you mean.
    Yes, in one place the Bible does state in a simplified form that money is “a (sometimes translated “the”) root of all evil,” which it clearly is not in an absolute sense. That is why in another place the Bible details that “the love money is a root of all kinds of evil,” which it clearly is.
    But now, as for Islam, well, no, it is not the root of all evil. But it would certainly be safe to say that Muhammed was an anti-christ, and his “Religion of Peace” certainly still operates in a spirit of anti-christ. But the world wasn’t exactly a sea of tranquility before Islam came along (although it will be afterward I feel quite sure! ..when the King returns..)
    But I do believe this: that “Islam” is not a collection of deceived flesh and blood humans, or a bloodthirsty religion, but a powerful demon who revealed himself to Muhammed, in whom he found a willing cohort, and through whom he established a bloodthirsty religion of deceived flesh and blood humans.
    For, regarding Muhammed, Peter writes about the true scriptures, “in them are some things hard to understand, which untaught and unstable people twist to their own destruction.”

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