Get Off My Back!!

July 30, 2006

It seems that some people can dish it out but they can’t take it.

I’m talking, of course, about the people who come and write nasty comments on my blog, telling me how bad Christians/Christianity is, and praising Islam to the sky. Or the other people who have nothing but negative comments about anything but Islam.

I would like to remind these people that this is a free country, and that is exactly why I moved here in the first place! I had hoped that I could be friends, or at least friendly, with Moslems here, despite our religious differences, but it seems as though they won’t accept me unless I accept Mohammed.

That is even worse than the bad tradition in some churches that says you can’t marry someone from the same Religion but different church, or else you are an adulterer.

Why can’t everyone just tolerate everyone else and love each other? I do not agree with any of Big Mo’s “teachings” but I would never hate someone or even dislike them for believing them.

Can’t we agree to disagree? I’m SORRY I can’t accept what I have been taught is wrong, and I’m sure you’re sorry that you (Moslems) can’t accept Jesus as your savior, which you think is wrong, also.

I am very disturbed at this spirit of hatred that I have been noticing recently. Some of you may think that I have contributed to it, what with my acerbic posts, but I do speak in love. If you could see me saying what I have written, you would know that the expression on my face is a look of love, and that my voice is a relatively soft whisper of adoration for you, my Moslem brothers, whom I would die to save. Of course I am not sinless like Christ, so it wouldn’t make a difference whether I died for you or not, but at least you know that I would do it, and not just to “prove I was right.”

I am also very sad about the fighting between Egyptians, Christian and Moslem, and Protestant and Orthodox. But this is another blog altogether. In PEACE and LOVE,


4 Responses to “Get Off My Back!!”

  1. Hello Ahmed Salib!

    That is even worse than the bad tradition in some churches that says you can’t marry someone from the same Religion but different church, or else you are an adulterer.

    Protestants are NOT Christians as they are outside the Church. You see Church means community (in Islamic vocabulary Ummah), not building of worship according to the Orthodox. FYI, the Orthodox Serbs during the Balkan Wars in 1991 massacred fellow Christians of another sect, ie Catholic Croats and Slovenes, and even Muslims. Orthodox Christians are very very intolerant, which I call FASCISM.

    Today in Russia, since the fall of Atheistic communism, the Orthodox Church has become the State Church and prevailing religion. Vladimir Putin has declared “Protestants and Catholics are outside the Church, and so unbelievers like Muslims. Every unbelievers (Jews, Muslims, etc) will have to pay Jizyah and Kharaj to the Orthodox Christian Csar, His Majesty Vladimir Putin”

    Vladimir Putin is the direct heir to the Orthodox Csar Nicholas II. He has waged a Holy Crusade on the Arab people of Chechnya, who are all Muslims.

    Chechen warlord Aslan Maskhadov (who was murdered by the Christian Imperial army) has vowed to make Arabic the official language of Chechnya and de-Russify Chechnya saying “We are Arabs not Russians”.

    Why can’t everyone just tolerate everyone else and love each other? I do not agree with any of Big Mo’s “teachings” but I would never hate someone or even dislike them for believing them.

    Jesus said somewhere in the New Testament “HATE WHAT IS EVIL”, so Jesus himself taught hate Islam. This is why Orthodox Christians like Russian President Vladimir Putin hate Arabs and Jews so much. Russia was the land that gave us the word pogrom as it massacred Jews, but today the Orthodox are massacring my Arab brothers in Chechnya.

    This is why Arabs (ie Egyptian Muslims) in Egypt retalitate by killing the Copts (ie Egyptian Christians of the Orthodox faith). You see, your Orthodox brothers in Russia kill Arabs in Chechnya, so we, the Ummah (the Islamic nation) stand together and will seek to destroy the Coptic race.

    Egypt was Coptic-majority but many Copts embraced Islam and today call themselves Arabs. We take pride to be Arabs because the father of humanity, Prophet Adam(PBUH) was an Arab. So, was Prophet Moses(PBUH) and Prophet Jesus(PBUH).

    I myself I am a Pakistani Muslim but I seek to unite the Islamic Ummah under one language, Arabic and get rid of pagan languages.

    Look at the Jews – they use one language Hebrew and are so united. We Muslims split and divided into 57 sects. Our common enemy today is the Jews who seek to rule the world – this is documented in the PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION.

    When the last day comes all humans will speak Arabic and become Muslims. English will be banned as it is a PAGAN language, and as for Hebrew, it will be destroyed as all Jews will become Muslims and praise Allah(SWT).

    Here is the reason why I hate Christians and Jews.

    I hate Jews, yes, for they kill my Arab brothers in Palestine and Iraq.

    I hate Copts and all Christians because Orthodox Russia is murdering Arabs in Chechnya, and refusing to give them self-determination to establish the Islamic Republic of Chechnya.

    The Light of Islam will NEVER perish. Christian Crusaders are LOSING.

    I am also very sad about the fighting between Egyptians, Christian and Moslem, and Protestant and Orthodox. But this is another blog altogether

    I pray to Allah(SWT) that He will cause Christians to be divided and fight more amongst themselves. This way we Muslims can conquer Europe and abolish Christianity for good and declare ARABIC, the national language of the EUROPEAN UNION and unite the White man as one Arab people.

    We should seek unity of the Ummah to revive the Caliphate that was abolished when the Ottoman Empire lost the World War 1. We need to use aggressive missionary tactics to convert the White man, especially the White American who are Christian majority currently.

    If America is converted to Islam, we can build the Caliphate from Washington and use the U.S. of A to destroy Israel and LIBERATE the city of Tel-Aviv from Jewish occupation. Yes, its true Jews are foreigners to Palestine. Moses and Jesus were Arabs according to Quran.

  2. Kavkazi Says:

    abibi Muhammad Iqbal! You hate ALL CHRISTIANS AND JEWS because your arabs bros in Caucasian Checnya was killed by russians. No habibi the arab(muslim)hanzirs were killed there also by Chechenian muslim. Some months ago Your fucking bloody arabs(mooslems) both Marokkans, Algerians,Syrians and palestinians killed some Chechenian muslims in france. Your arab -islam of wahhabi salafi root is evil. I’m very sympatize for Nakshbandiya and other Sufi’s tarikats, but I hope that your brothers (of Hamas)in occupied by arabs Erez Israel, which You call Palestine will be deal or will turn back in Mekka and Medina. They are conquerrors of JewishAramaicLevant. How many massacres Yor brothers did in the name of Allah. How many people they killed(Assyrians, Hebrews,Kurds,Syrians(non arabs)Copts, Maronis,Ethiopians,Jewish,Christians and not Arab Muslims.arabic is a saint language??? There some Sufi’s masters that have permeted their people to pray in theyir own languages. I’m solidar with palestinian Christians…but with the arabs (muslims)which don’t accept Jewish state…I prefer to go them their home…Saudi Arabia, Hidzhaz…No, I don’t accept the position of many Druze guys from ZAHAL to kill more muslims…as possible. I’m Christian(or Jewish Christian)…but to sostain these muslim arabs economically and to expell them all from Israel. The problem will risolve. About russian president who killed Your arab brothers in Checnya…the problem that he killed my Chechenians brothers in Checnya, hi killed my Georgian brothers and he is killing my Jewish brothers in Israel and my Maroni Christian brothers in Lebanon by the hand of nasrallah, bashar assad and palestinian fondamentalists. Russia is a very friendly open country for Your Syrian, Palestinian and Hezbollah Iranian brothers. Putin was the first to speak ab. poor lebanese muslims (shiates)children killed in Lebanon. But how much Chechen’s children, women, old people who killed…150000(of 1000000 of Chechenians…I don’t wish this for your arab brothers). Many fotoes that al manar showed for the world during the last Zahal action in Lebnan were of the times of massacres did by syrians and palestinians against Maronites. you shoked byTel Zatar and Sabra and Sciatilla? I’m shoked for Damur and Sidon of 1973-79. You shoked by Der Yassin? I’m shoked of Hebron of 1929 and Jerusalem of 1936. The violence makes another violence. What ab. Moses and Jesus- Arabs? Such a redicolous opinion. Habib say me please what is it Holy Quran? The sintes of Talmud and Christian Apocrifes.

  3. Mark Says:

    Muhammad Iqbal, your just an ignorant paki, youve probably never met a christian before. The only reason why you hate them is because they have a different belief than you. I think you should not make stupid remarks without looking at the past. Didnt the Copts and the muslims of Egypt fought side by side against the zionists? Get your head out of pakistan you paki. As much as you would like to think, you yourself are not an Arab. The copts are more arab than you are, you are just a common slug from the streets of pakistan. Worry about your own issues before you go and hate people for no reason.

  4. Coptic Man Says:

    I just want to tell you something .. it seems that you don’t understand anything about the Christianity because the Coptic Orthodox Church is not in union with the Russian Church the both are diffrent and don’t belong to the same faith .. there are two kinds of Orthodoxy

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