To Those Who Hate Islamophobes…

July 8, 2006

Including me..

A. It seems as though a large amount of my detractors are Moslems.
This can only be because they feel that I am being harsh on their so-called prophet, their religious printed matter (I could not, in good conscience, call it a “text”), and their whole cult in general.

I am very sorry these detractors feel this way. It is never Salib’s intention to harm, only to heal. But we must admit that a problem is present before we may get to the point where we can let the healing begin.

B. It seems as though a large number of my supporters are either devout Christians, Copts, or anti-Islamic Americans.
There is nothing wrong with this, and it only makes sense. Birds of a feather do flock together, as someone once said. In fact, those who hate Islamophobes also flock together, banding against people like me.
But moving back to my supporters, I wish to thank you for your support, and please remember that I do not mean to be a “hater,” I only wish to enlighten.

C. I do not understand how Moslems can be mad at me and others intent on proving the errors of Islam’s ways when we are merely quoting from their own book. You can’t blame me, blame what I have to work with!If these people have an issue with the words written in the “book,” then let them go into the depths of hell for five minutes and take it up with their beloved “prophet”.

Moslems, I cannot help it if “The Koran” is politically uncorrect to the Nth degree, I cannot help it if your tribe leader pushed murder, and I cannot help it if he changed laws to suit his own desires. If I was trying to take over a desert that ended up turning into the Middle East, I’m sure I would have done the same thing that he did (although I would have stayed away from kids.. and watermelons and donkeys, but that could just be me).

Moslems, do not be angered at the filth of your own book, just turn away.
Do not be upset that people in the west are on to Big Mo’s Big Plan, any more than you could be mad at your sister for walking in on you when it was you who were up to no good. Please do not feel such anger at people like me who are merely trying to expose the cancers of the world, so that we may heal the world from the ill health and misdeeds that arise from them.

I beg you to read the New Testament and get to know the person of Christ Jesus. Or, at least, get to know the imaginary “allah” of your religious book… I think you will get a much clearer picture of why so many people fear a much more widespread and large-scale conversion to this cult called Submission that instead reads like a cheap S & M manual.


5 Responses to “To Those Who Hate Islamophobes…”

  1. Get a life Says:

    Dude get a life, us Moslems dont really care about what you say, our faith has existed for thousands of years, and will exist looooong after your in your grave, think about that.

    I am tempted to actually insult or show you some of the massive holes in your faith, but i wont bother becuase I do have some very close coptic friends whome I do respect and cheriche tiher friendship here in Sydney, and I dont get theocracy get between us as decent human biengs.

    So again, please get a life dude:)

  2. You have a life Says:

    You are amazing dear friend.

    It takes a special person to be able to walk away from Islam. I applaud you! People like you are a walking example of the power of the Grace of God. The Holy Spirit worked a miracle in your heart…Just like Paul the Apolstle on the Road to Damascus. God bless you and your efforts!

    A Copt in Christ.

  3. yhvh Says:

    u r completely wasting ur time. but thats ok. keep trying if u insist.

    although i suggest that u should get a life.

  4. Saad Says:

    Well I do not think that youe ever were a muslim??? I was brought up in a cirstian society and I studied R.E which was the new testiment and I do know what it is all about I just want you to remeber one think If Juesus came to earth and you called him with the name in your new testiment and by they way which version are we talking about he would not answer you because he true real name is the one in the Quran, Jesus is a translation so wake up and get a life.

  5. […]  I never thought I’d see anyone get more flak than Dr. Ahmed Salib, , but I guess I deserve it. (Don’t I? This entry today seems almost identical to the link above, but I guess any person who is anti-Islam and pro-human will hear kalam zay el simm from both sides.) […]

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