33 Extreme Reasons to Give Bush the Boot

June 17, 2006

‘We Could Control This Country’: 33 Extreme Reasons to Give Bush the Boot

by Maureen Farrell

“I am deeply disturbed by the dangerous and growing influence of people like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell on our nation’s political leaders.” – Walter Cronkite, January, 2004

Last week, I wrote about how the GOP’s secret bride, the Religious Right, will be shuffled into the broom closet during next week’s Republican National Convention. And lest you think this is a case of leftist “religion bashing,” consider this: The National Council of Churches, which represents the country’s Methodists, Episcopalians, Lutherans, Presbyterians and 32 other denominations, has, against all tradition, been brushed aside by this President, while evangelicals have enjoyed unparalleled access.

Read the whole thing.


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