George el Masri’s “Western ‘Pro-Islamic’ Politicians Are Hypocrites or Mentally Challenged Fools.”

June 9, 2006

When Western politicians keep saying “Islam is a peaceful religion”, they prove repeatedly that they are hypocrites or mentally challenged fools.

By George Elmasri

When one says that Muslims are terrorists, the Muslims say, “Why are you calling us terrorists?” When you ask one of them to identify his or her self, the answer is , “I am a Muslim” and whatever nationality comes next. They love to walk in groups and show off their Islamic identities; beards, peculiar attires and you name it. They never condemn terrorism, they only tell you that they do not approve of their acts! After all, they say, “Islam is a peaceful religion” ! Sometimes, out of embarrassment, they say that terrorists are not true Muslims”!

Show us in your ‘Noble book’, the Quran or in Mohamed’s Hadith, the word ‘peace’ or the word ‘love’.

These two words do not exist in your religion; ‘fight’ and ‘kill’ are the most repeated and common words in the Muslims books. In fact there exist ‘186’ verse in the Quran which urge Muslims to fight and kill. This constitutes almost 1% of the Quranic verses. I challenge the Muslim world to prove otherwise.

I am sick and tired from interviews with parents or families of the captured terrorists who say, “We are peaceful people”!.

This morning I heard a debate on the radio with one of the so-called Muslim community leaders who claimed that Islam is a peaceful religion. I phoned the Radio station and asked, “Why do you not make your reporters ask those community leaders to tell us where can we find some verses in the Quran that promote love and peace. When you do not read nor write Arabic and you keep repeating that Islam is peaceful, I am afraid that you are one of two characters. You are either a willingly deceived fool and mentally challenged, or a western politician who is bought by the dirty oil money. ”


8 Responses to “George el Masri’s “Western ‘Pro-Islamic’ Politicians Are Hypocrites or Mentally Challenged Fools.””

  1. mae Says:

    It is very stupid saying there is no word ‘peace’ or ‘love’ in the Quran. We can get free Quran translation in the internet. Download it, install it, open it, and search for ‘love’, ‘peace’ and similar words. You find it in abundance. But surely you cant find ‘George Masri’.

  2. Ya right Says:

    No do not look for altered translations find the سلام وحب او محبة in the Quran in Arabic then come and talk … Yes george El Masri is not in the books of Islam becuase he is not a killer .

  3. Michael Austin Says:

    With regards to Mr. El Masri’s comments, this man should educate himself and not make comments out of ignorance because it only makes him look foolish. Anyone who knows anything about Islam, Muslim or Non-Muslim alike knows that the Qur’an itself banns the Muslim from committing any terrorist act. Muslims are permitted to fight only in the face of oppression and must stop fighting when that oppression stops, period end of story. Don’t believe me? No problem you may find this information very easily in any legitimately translated Qur’an. A religion of peace it is indeed with its sole purpose being the submission to God. Tell us Mr. El Masri, to whom do you submit? As far as terrorist actions are concerned, what do you call entering a country you have no right to enter against the will of the United Nations and killing 600,000 civilians? I call it Operation Iraqi Freedom! Shall we talk of Palestine next? Or any of the multitudes of crimes committed by the U.S. against areas where Muslims are the majority. In honesty we could start with the crusades which by the way is unilaterally accepted as an atrosity by the west toward Islam by Western historians. Why should we stop there when we can talk of the spanish inquisition? Has my point been made or do you have cement in your brain? Before you stereotype all Muslims or even a majority of them as terrorist or even of a non-peaceful nature you should educate yourself with regards to the truth of Islam which is sadly practices by only a handful of people calling themselves Muslim today and of those most are American reverts. Also you may want to take a strong look at the actions of non Muslims historically and presently and compare them with the actions of Muslims, I assure you, you will find that Muslims are indeed peaceful. Thank you and may you find truth in your journey.

  4. ahmedsalib Says:

    Dear Mr. Austin, the problem lies in something you said in the first sentence– “legitimately translated.”

    There isn’t one. Why? Because some versions seek to “sanitize” the religion (but no amount of Clorox can completely wash all of the blood from their hands), although others are translated properly but western converts such as yourself blindly fight against them, insisting “Yes, Islam is TOO, good!” (In the singsongy voice of a playground, not saying “Islam is too good”. Although you probably believe that.

    I am very sorry for you, Michael. I’m sorry that you choose to believe 2 sets of lies–the set that says “Muslims are good” (propagated by Muslims) and the set that Muslims themselves believe (“Allah is good, true, real, and not an insane figment of a more insane man.”)

    I do not know George el MAsry, but he obviously has some good and valid ideas.

    I do know that I have read the Kor’an in 2 languages (and several translations) and things don’t add up. Either in the content or in the translations (at times).

    You probably get your idea of Islam from that ridiculous “book” “Qur’an and Women,” by Amina Wadud, a Black American Moslem who also has the wrong idea.

    I challenge any Arabic-speaking scholar of Islam to read that book and agree with the tenets therein.

    May God bring you back to His truth, Michael–remember: Just because you had a bad experience at a protestant church does not mean that Islam is the solution!

    I am praying for you.

    In the love of the Jesus the Savior and the only source of true love,


  5. […] Just in case you are not a comment-checker, I wanted to share this recent comment of Michael Austin, (to THIS article of his) and my reply. I have highlighted Mr Austin’s more interesting points. […]

  6. Omar ibn Khattab Says:

    You just contradicted yourself, by saying:
    Allah is not good, true, real, and is an insane figment of a more insane man. (God forgive me for even typing this)
    And then:
    May God bring you back to His truth

    In the Arabic language Allah is God. So the Christians in Arabic speaking countries use Allah.

  7. ahmedsalib Says:

    Omar, thank you for your comments. I used the name “allah” as the ‘god’ of Islam, and “God” to denote the real, living God, the head of the Holy Trinity. Just because the Arabs have hijacked the word for “god” doesn’t mean that everyone subscribes to their hijacking! May the one, true GOD (not ‘allah’) guide you to His truth and salaam 3alek yakhooya. (I truly believe you’re my brother, even though we disagree about this matter.)

  8. average joe Says:

    The Arabs? Aren’t you claiming to be Arab yourself… You make no sense whatsoever by the way

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