Is America Being Blackmailed by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak?

June 6, 2006

Well, DUH!


The U.S. Congress recently approved $1.7 billion in aid to Egypt. The reason given is that Egypt is a U.S. ally in the Middle East. While human rights violations, the genocide, and persecution of Coptic Christians and other minority groups, the imprisonment of pro-democratic reformers, and the imprisonment and torture of protestors has been aired in the media, the U.S. has chosen to ignore these violations and grant aid to Egypt.

Though the American Coptic Union (ACU) agrees with some of the reasons for approving this aid, we believe that the withholding of U.S. aid along with other means of pressure should be used as leverage to strongly encourage the Egyptian government to stop abusing Coptic Christians and other minority groups in Egypt. This leverage could also be used by the U.S. to help mediate peace between Israel and the Palestinians and provide support for the U.S. military in the region.

In addition to asking for U.S. aid, and silence, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has asked for additional paid services for his personal and family interests. The blackmail price is the U.S. silence, and endorsement of the Egyptian government’s increased persecution of the Copts, and the intensification of repression against all opposition. This blackmail is also responsible for the increased hatred against the U.S.

Since the Camp David Peace Accord agreement between Israel and Egypt in 1979, Egypt has received more than $50 billion in military and economic aid. According to analysts, these funds barely benefit the welfare of the people.

Many Egyptians do not see U.S. aid as a way to improve their quality of life, but rather see it as a bribe(1) to the Egyptian government’s influential and corrupt members, as most of the aid has gone into the deep pockets of the Mubarak family and not to the impoverished sources where it was originally slated. The U.S. Middle East policy has given even more leverage to the Mubarak family, which is using American interest for their personal benefit(2) and not for the needs of the people of Egypt.

The continued support of the U.S. for the Mubarak family will only generate more hatred and terrorism. It will cost America the support of at least 25% of Egypt’s population, who admire American values and principals.

The International community (and America in particular), should understand that Mubarak and his two sons, Allaa and Gamal, are responsible for corrupting and sabotaging the life of Coptic Christians and most of the moderate Muslims who disagree with Mubarak’s policies. Mubarak’s older son Allaa(3), for example, has spoiled, extorted and looted billions of dollars during his father’s reign. Currently, Allaa has become an Islamist and is suspiciously responsible for financing some radical Islamic factions. Mubarak’s other son, Gamal(4), is being prepared to hijack the country’s political infrastructure against the will of most Egyptians. Unfortunately, Mubarak and his sons would not be able to do all of this without the blind eye of tacit U.S. consent.

America’s explanation for its disadvantageous position is that there is no one in Egypt’s entire population of 72 million, (including those who support America’s policy), who is qualified to rule the country. If true, this would indeed be a humiliation for Egypt whose civilization spans seven thousand years.

Ironically, in 2005, and in the name of democracy and reform, the U.S. added even more repressive strength to Mubarak’s regime by allowing Islamists from the Muslim Brotherhood to join the Parliament. This support has not only fortified the Islamization of Egypt, but has consequently stepped up efforts to eradicate Coptic Christians.

Another reason for America’s position is given by Mubarak himself, who says that the regime is still helping the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians. He also claims responsibility for the peace process in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Sudan. This is not true because it is the Mubarak regime, and not Egypt, that has been rejected from playing a valuable role in assisting American policy in these countries.

The American Coptic Union contends that it is the US government’s continued support for the Mubarak family, which will result in the escalating hatred and declining support of Egyptians for the U.S. Therefore, America’s support for the Mubarak family is a mistake similar to the previous acknowledged mistakes the U.S. has made in Iran in 1979 and in Iraq in 2003.

It is now up to those Congress members who have opposed the passage of U.S. aid to Egypt and are playing an important role in seeking to save not only America’s interest, but also Egypt from the American- Mubarak foreign policy to push their agenda forward, before it is too late.


1.) US Ambassador in Egypt, Francis J. Ricciardone on May 19, 2006. “The US Aid to Egypt actually is a charity fund, or donation”, Ricciardone said in a meeting with NGO, and businessmen. Publish in Al-Massrioun Newspaper, 5-19-06.

2.) Colonel Muhammad Al Ghanam, Former director of legal research, Egyptian Interior Ministry. Geneva, Switzerland. Corruption in Egypt, 4 June 2006, gypt.html.

3.) As Alaa left the picture around the year 2000, Mubarak’s second son Gamal started rising in the National Democratic Party and succeeded in getting a newer generation of neo-liberals into the party, and eventually the government. Due to Gamal’s increasing visibility and influence). rumours about his being groomed for the presidency became common. Nevertheless, this was publicly refuted by the president several times. Many believe that his succession would mean a hereditary pseudo- monarchy.

4.) Mubarak and corruption :A dramatic drop in support for Mubarak occurred with news that his son Alaa was favoured in government tenders and privatization. Transparency International (TI) is an international organisation addressing corruption, including, but not limited to, political corruption. The Index of perception of corruption rates Egypt as follows: index:3.4 and ranks 70/159 countries.

Quite honestly, after having read the page below, I have concluded that this bunch is paranoid and hatemongering.

I believe that this group, together with such haters as Magdi Khalil, are the reason there is so much infighting in the American Coptic Movement.

We can not help Copts if the only Copts in a position to help are fighting, and we cannot change Egypt and the Middle East if we do not follow the Holy Scripture!

Do bitter and sweet water come from the same well? NO, and so, too, can’t backbiting and Egypt-saving words come from the same mouth.


Read The Paranoia At ACU For Yourself



One Response to “Is America Being Blackmailed by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak?”

  1. Cheri Says:

    The only way for peace is to eliminate all the Jews and the Christians. (Plz forward this to the hater who posted the note “Please don’t think I’m a hater; I just want peace on earth and obliterating Islam is the only way to do it.”)

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