Would You Take The High Road?

April 21, 2006

Would You Take The High Road?

Would You? (The Full Article) By Sally Bishai

Would you trust someone after they looked you in the eyes and lied (more than once)?

Would you look someone in the eyes and tell a lie, if only to keep someone else’s secret?

Would you hide your cross (or Star of David or whatever) if someone told you to?

Would you tell your best friend if her husband is running around on her–and you saw him with some chick at some shady coffee shop?

Would you tell your best friend that her husband had made a weighty pass at you?

Would you speak up in a room full of people who are in favor of something you’re against?

Would you complain about a pornographic billboard that’s situated near a pre-school?

Would you complain if the explicit content in the billboard showed kids?

Would you be grateful if someone told you the truth–something that you needed to hear–in a way that was less than ideal?

Would you let it go if someone trampled on you in some way that they were likely to repeat, and that you weren’t afraid to confront?

Would you keep it a secret if you’d made a blanket promise to keep a secret… but it was that your friend was going to rob a bank? Or kill himself? Or kill another?

You may be wondering where I’m going with these questions, despite having enjoyed the imagination game they conjured up.

Would You Take The High Road? Click here to read the whole article.


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