The Terrorists Forgot Me!

April 10, 2006

If you can read Arabic, read this wonderful list that lists all of the Copts, and some Moslems even who either help Copts or are anti-Islamic, or even free-thinking.

Just in case you cannot read the Arabic, the list is the hit-list of all the people this man wants to kill, merely for speaking their minds, and not having the same retarded, Middle Ages and sun-fried brain that he and his “prophet” (Who is, even now, in hell laughing at the mischeif he caused!!) espouse.

Here is the Link.

I should be very offended, shouldn’t I? that they have neglected to put me on this last. Alas, my words have not hit home hard enough.

Or maybe they just haven’t stumbled on to my blog yet? Let us hope they soon do.

I would like to say before going for dinner (Gotta love Carino’s!!) that if you are a Moslem and you DO AGREE with him, then you have the right idea, in regards to your religion.

BUT if you do not call for these murders, then you are a poor excuse for a Moslem and should consider officially converting out of it. I am very glad you are a poor excuse for a Moslem, by the way! this is not “US vs THEM,” I am trying to save your eternal soul, even if you hate me for it!

I love you that much!

Please pray about this.


2 Responses to “The Terrorists Forgot Me!”

  1. Judasius caesar Says:

    It is evident that you are very much like those people you assail, You are an ignorant, hateful bigot. I dont see much difference between you & fanatic muslims.
    You seem to think you know it all,
    You judge others when you are not supposed to(God can only judge that way)
    You are not objective & dont care about it.
    You act as if you a true christian but you are just like the rabid islamists spread islamists spreading the little they know as absolute truth.
    What is the absolute truth salib? do you hold it in your hands & hold the key to who will go to heaven & who will not?
    You forgot how barbaric christians were at one time ,even with one other or do i have to remind you what the Romans did to the copts.
    that would render muslims amateurs, as for jews, they were never that evil.
    You simply forget that your feeble rhetoric is without any reasoning or logic.
    You forget too that judaism borrowed alot from ancient religions, & that Jesus christ was a jew who preached to jews so as a matter of fact, christianity is an offshoot religion of judaism, which added elements from ancient egyptian legends & myths aswell.
    so before you go on attacking someone, look at your self first.
    So try to be objective & not so rabidly vile, & your views wont be as intelectually stupid.
    I noticed how egyptians, whether muslim or copt, they believe in their faiths from the same banal perspective & hardly use objectivity & brains.

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