NY Times Got It Wrong—“Democracy in the Arab World, a U.S. Goal, Falters”

April 10, 2006

This recent article in the NY Times is actually false. The article claims that the US goal of democracy has been dropped from the previously-more-willing Arab rulers’ minds.

In fact, it was never on their minds. So many people have been throwing around the word “democracy” but the truth is that America is not even democratic, itself!!

Such leaders as Mobarak and King Abdullah II are stated to have “backtracked” but they were only bowing to political pressure from the West.

And the West doesn’t care diddly-squat for the Middle East, except for 2 reasons, which are that they want to take all the oil from there, and they are afraid of the rabid Moslems.

“Democracy” or the way that America and other Western countries are run, is a bad idea for any Christian in the Middle East, and also for any “moderate Moslem,” or any modern-thinking person who thinks they are Moslem but who are actually not a true Moslem like Osama.

Most Arabs (except for those with terrorist aspirations) are too smart to want to give a chance of presidency to a member of an insane group like the Moslem Brotherhood, a group that had all the women, even old hags and young girls, to cover their faces with that ninja-death-mask tent (the neqab).

If you give me a choice between the puppet government that we (in Egypt, at least) have right now, and a “democracy” that will offer a 1% chance of improving the nation, I will always go with Mobarak, et. al.

After all, it is better the devil you know than the devil you don’t, right?


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