Salib and the Booklet

April 7, 2006

You may have read about “The Booklet” that caused a stir, recently. If not, check my blog or keep reading for a few excerpts:

Concerned about “a clear attempt to engrave Islam in the minds of our
children,” a Christian group is expanding distribution of a guidebook
originally intended for Californians.

Coptic Christians of California has upon request distributed 5,000 copies
of its 28-page booklet, “The Islamization of American Schools” since its
first press run in December 2004.

The booklet focuses on California, where a seventh-grade world history
curriculum examines Islamic civilization, among others of the Middle Ages.

People in other states increasingly are ordering the booklet as well, says
author Abdullah Al-Araby. The booklet, which Muslims denounce as
misleading, is available on the group’s Web site.

The Coptic Christian group alleges that children learn by emulating Islamic
practices, such as kneeling to pray, donning traditional Islamic dress,
receiving a Muslim name or chanting in Arabic. Such school practices amount
to “indoctrination,” says Al-Araby, who says he writes under that pen name
because he fears reprisal from angry Muslims.

”It seems a good idea to teach culture, but they have crossed a line” into
promoting a religion, Al-Araby says. “It’s a one-sided version of Islam as
a religion of peace. . . . We have to make sure they give true history of
Islam, not a polished or refined version.”

There, now you’re all caught up. I want to share my view about this thing: While I do disagree with the intense and too-detailed teachings of this cult of Islam, I would like to say that I would not pull my child out of a school that taught Islam (even if they would shy away from teaching Christianity with the same intensity, but hey, that’s America for ya!).

Why I would not be scared to let my children learn about Islam, whether in the school or whether by my hand?

Because, the simple truth of the matter is that if they’re related to me, their brains and hearts (but mostly their brains) will kick in and condemn murdering a non-convert for the BLOODY AND COWARDLY ACT THAT IT IS.

(This is, of course, in reference to the recent Abdul Rahman trial of Afghanistan.)

Just in case I have forgotten to say this opinion of mine, I want to state that The true Moslems must kill because they’re afraid of being taken over in the way they want to take over!

If the presence of this childish strategy does not pursuade you that this is a cult and nothing more, then there’s nothing more I can say to you!


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    thank you for your work

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