M.D. Generally Means “Medical Doctor.”

March 31, 2006

To the friend who was kind enough to inform me that some children are born with genetic defects and suffer day and night until they die.

Who is any human to take life away?

God gives us life, and we attempt to preserve it as much as we can, not just for the Hippocratic Oath that we took, but also because Humans are created in the image of God.

Let me give you a hypothetic situation:
You are a young girl in Egypt, maybe 13 or 14 years of age. You are date-raped by a boy, and become pregnant.
You manage to hide this pregnancy from your family, until 9 months later, when you give birth to your child in the bathroom and are rushed to the ER to stop bleeding.
One of the attending ER’s is a fanatical Moslem, meaning he lives his faith and is not a sell-out “secular” Moslem.
He “Cleans” the girl, which means that he circumcises her, without her knowledge or consent, while she is under the bing.
When questioned, the doctor says “she was obviously a loose girl and needs to be saved from her immorality.”

Doesn’t she have the right to be immoral? While I disagree with the actions of the doctor, I cannot blame him for being concerned about the immorality. Having said that, I will never say I agree with his actions.

Did you know there’s a movie called “Asrar el Banat” (Girls’ Secrets) that had a doctor who did this same thing? Well, you do now. Watch it if you can find it. It caused a hubbub.

If you kill a child who is miserable because of his or her physical suffering, you are playing God in the same way that the doctor in the movie did. If everyone who had a problem that made them in pain 24/7, killed themself, we will lose 2/3 of the population, because people can also be in emotional torment.

I CATEGORICALLY DISAGREE with suicide, murder, and euthanasia.

I wrote a paper about it back in my med-school days, the pros and cons and why it is wrong. I may dig it out and print it here.

Finally, I would like to say to Luke.. how do you know that I do not have a genetic defect that makes my life and my being a doctor very difficult? What if I told you that I had severe arthritis and was allergic to the medication? What if I told you I was born without legs but became a doctor anyway? What if I told you that I had a physical handicap but also a disease that made my every waking moment a living hell, and that had since I was a young thing?

I will not tell you which one it is, but I do have a serious medical problem. I also have a colleague who finished medical school (in Egypt) and had to slither on the floor because she was a paraplegic; she attended every day of classes, and has never once wished for death.


Blessings and love in Him who bestows blessings and love!


One Response to “M.D. Generally Means “Medical Doctor.””

  1. sesame Says:

    i think M.D. mean Master Degree.
    but i dont think people nowadays think to end lives of handikapped people!!!!!!!!!!it is beyond beleiving even in developping societies

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