Judiciary Committee Unanimously Passes Brownback Visa Amendment

March 28, 2006

WASHINGTON, March 27 /Christian Newswire/ —

The Senate Judiciary Committee today unanimously adopted an amendment proposed by Senator Sam Brownback to the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act which issues non-immigrant visas (S-2 visas) to persons who provide the United States with critical and reliable information about terrorism, organized criminal enterprises and rogue weapons of mass destruction programs.

With the passing of the Brownback Amendment, the S-2 visa will receive new life with a strengthened and expanded agenda. Included in the expansion of the S- 2 program are the following:

increasing the number of S-visas that may be granted in a calendar year from 250 to 1,000;

adding a third category of S-visas for persons who provide the United States with knowledge of rogue government WMD programs and delivery systems and/or plans to sell or transfer such systems;

requiring the Department of Homeland Security to deliver explanatory reports to Congress if fewer than 250 S-visas are granted in a calendar year; and

expanding the S-1 visa category for persons with information regarding organized crime to include information about government sponsored organized criminal activities such as counterfeiting, even if formal prosecutions do not result from the information.

Institute on Religion and Public Policy President Joseph K. Grieboski applauded the passage of the amendment, stating, “This is a great victory for the enhanced security of the United States. Senator Brownback has established a creative and proactive approach to advancing intelligence gathering and bolstering homeland security. With this amendment comes another important step toward rolling back extremism, contesting international organized crime and strengthening global security.”


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