March 28, 2006

by J. Ahmed Salib

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The world was stunned as the courageous lady, Dr Wafaa Sultan, Los Angeles-based psychiatrist, attacked her own religion, Islam.

The world probably never heard about Kareem Amer, otherwise known as “Abdelkareem Nabil Soliman,” although his attacks against his own religion were far more explosive than Dr. Sultan’s.

For those who do not know, Abdelkareem is a 22-year old Egyptian Moslem who, until last week, attended Al Azhar University (an Islamic school) in pursuit of his law degree.

Unfortunately, the powers-that-be did not accept the fact that Abdelkareem had, in October of last year, written an article entitled “The Naked Truth About Islam That I Saw In Maharram Beh.”

This article (translated for the reader in an earlier article) condemned the actions of the perpetrators of the horrible Maharram Beh Riots, but also the motivating force behind these riots, which Soliman cited as being the religion he was born into, Islam.

For this reason, Soliman was kicked out of the Islamic university, after having been arrested just after the October pub-date of his article.

There are several differences and several similarities between the cases.

On the one hand, Dr Sultan is a woman, while Abdelkareem is a man. She is established in her practice and her family life, whereas Abdelkareem is just starting out in the world. She is in America, the place where free speech is allowed, and he is in Egypt, where freedom is a pipe dream.

On the other hand, both are Moslems who are disillusioned with the religion they were born into. They both suffered from going through the traumas of having seen violence perpetrated by rabid Moslem fundamentalists—arguably the truest and best Moslems; she suffered when gunmen broke into her class and killed her professor before her very eyes, and he suffered when his neighborhood erupted into violence over the “release” of an anti-Islamic play onto DVD, resulting in 3 confirmed deaths and rumors of 5 others.

In terms of their presentations, there are also disparities: Abdelkareem was addressing the reader, and had no idea whether he would be hitting 1 or 1 billion people with his message; Dr Sultan spoke on Al Jazeera, both times to Moslem clerics, and staring into the camera at all times.

Abdelkareem used the most inflammatory language possible, without breaking into curse words, whereas Dr. Wafaa wasn’t so up front about trying to gain the ire of her viewers.
For example, in both of her Jazeera debates, she was attired in relatively soft shades of blue. I do not think this was a function of the color being her favorite; rather, I think she chose these shades (consciously or subconsciously) to calm the viewer down.

For those unfamiliar with the theory of colors, blue is supposed to bring blood pressure down, while red is used to stimulate, and busy black-and-white patterns are excellent in getting an infant’s mind working.

Some of my readers seem to think that I am too fond of both of these heroes.

I disagree. And, to set the record straight, I am not happy with them because they trashed their own religion, but because they were fearless in presenting their version of the truth.

Both seem to have renounced Islam. But is this enough? No, it is not. Leaving a bad faith is nothing if you don’t fill in the space with something good, something that will keep the bad things away. Just like you will overeat if you quit smoking cold-turkey and didn’t start another good habit, like exercise, to replace it.

Of course, you must know that I DO agree with the things they have said about Islam, (not Moslems), but again, the battles in these cases are hardly won.

So what has happened to these paragons? I have neither read nor heard about Abdelkareem since the day his expulsion was announced. And I have not heard what Dr. Wafaa is up to, although I would like to wish either of them who might be reading this God’s peace, safety, and blessings.

Finally, praise be to Jesus that Abdul Rahman was finally set free! May God keep him safe during his re-entry into western society, and his adjustment to a new life.

May God protect all of His warriors and make every one of their efforts shine and bring the most blessed Godly glory to His present and future kingdom!

J. Ahmed Salib, M.D.


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