Answers to Mark Gerges, Who Does Not Deserve That Name, And The Nice Girl

March 27, 2006

To the nice girl:
Thank you for your suggestion. I do, indeed, have a camera. If you promise me as much traffic as Big Pharaoh has, I will start to post pictures.

To Mark, el safel ebni safel ebni safel:
You really and truly don’t deserve to share the name with the veritable father of our church, the Blessed Father Markos. What filthy, “shaware3” language you use. I am insulted, and I’m sure that anyone with half a brain also will be insulted to hear what you have said in the comments section recently.
Why so angry? Why such filth? If you’re trying so hard to be Western, you should understand freedom of speech. If you don’t care a hang for the rights of Christians, then stay out of the debate. I mean is this even appropriate?

“bala jesus balla god. khaleena fel donia. ta3ala garrab ezazet black label baba gabhaly hedeyya fe 3ed milady. meen el weleyya el habla di. tela2eeha akhadet fe tezha 3ashan te2ool el kalam dah”

Do you want me to sink to your level? Alright.

“Hablet eh enta bass? Enta’lli ahbal. Heya mesh me7tega takhod keda 3ashan heya shoge3a aktar mennak melyoooooon marrra. Black Label ehhhhh ya 7abeeb el nabi enta?”

There, does the appearance of your type of language and hobbies make you happy, street king?

If you don’t like my point of you, then kindly make way for the paying customers. Ma7adesh sagalak for your negativity and counter-productive argument.

You know, I’m sure you’re very popular with secular Christians and Moslems, but it’s people like you who give Christianity a bad name.

May God forgive you for upsetting me, for saddening Him, and for your uncouthness.

(you need them more than I do!)



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