Shaaban Abdel Rahim Is Not Rahim!

March 24, 2006

This blog is dedicated to the interview of the big singer Sha’ban Abdel Raheem, whose recent hit was banned in Egypt because it had tough lyrics. Here they are.

“We are completely fed up.

But there are no solutions.

Humiliation has reached even the religion and the Prophet.

Allah’s messenger, Muhammad the Imam of Prophets.

They want to distort his image – those despicable fools.

No religion can be held responsible for the man who humiliated the Prophet.

These are crazy people, and their top guy is an idiot.

Denmark? They are nothing but pagans.

Who are they to say anything about the Prophet?

Our Islam is innocent of them, and what they say is all lies.

Our Islam is a religion of love, not of injustice and terrorism.

When you all meet in Hell, the flames will burn your faces.

I will speak and won’t be silent, and others will say along with me:

We want a total boycott, and even that is not enough.”

Interviewer: Sha’ban Abd Al-Rahim, this song was banned on many channels. It was banned.

Sha’ban ‘Abd Al-Rahim: I never heard that.

Interviewer: It was. Some say this was because it curses other people, who may think we are cursing them. So those channels said: We’d better not show it.

Sha’ban ‘Abd Al-Rahim: Well, why shouldn’t we curse them just like they curse us?

(An eye for an eye, O “Servant of the Merciful One”…? “Rahim” is “merciful.”)

This part was just funny.

Interviewer: Sha’aban, we sometimes watch the news and don’t understand, and feel that we need someone to explain it to us. Who explains it to you? For example, if there is a conflict between two countries, or what happened between Syria and Lebanon… Who do you consult, and who explains it to you? We all sometimes need someone to provide explanations.

Sha’aban ‘Abd Al-Rahim:
Why, is the news in English? The news is in plain language and it’s very clear – People beat up other people, and people act unjustly. Anyone can understand this.

Read The Full Transcript Here


3 Responses to “Shaaban Abdel Rahim Is Not Rahim!”

  1. RG Says:

    Sha’aban ‘Abd Al-Rahim rules and he is the only singer out there right now talking for all the countries that are stuck by war. He is not doing anything wrong and amendment 1 says freedom of speech and assembly and thats exactly what he is doing. He is speaking his mind as everyone else sits and cheers and listens to him. If america gives the right to voice what you think, then Sha’aban ‘Abd Al-Rahim had done nothing wrong and shouldn’t be punished for it. He could say what he thinks is true to have his voice go out to everyone and to have them wake up and show them the truth of whats happening in the world.

  2. Martin Says:

    Shaaban abd al-Rahim is a liar. He claims that Denmark, these “pagans”, has insulted the Prophet. Which prophet? Is he talking about Muhammad? Well, he was nothing but a liar as well. All he did was murdering Jews and having sex with Aisha when she was still a child. Muslims are pagans. Islam doesn’t mean peace, it means: Fuck everybody who aint a muslim. That’s why I dislike Islam.

  3. me Says:

    This is in response to “Martin” s reply, and I’m sorry to say this, but if you feel that you dislike Islam, then it is because you dont understand it. Our prophet never lied, and for you to say such a thing is a sin. I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but first, they must consider the facts, something you have clearly not done.

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