My Take On Imam Amr Khaled

March 24, 2006

I think it is wonderful that he admits that Moslems aren’t blameless, but also tries to make the Western point of view understood.

I truly believe that 50 years of preaching by people like him would make Moslems able to live together happily with any other religion (like my friend Freesoul), and not get very mad and do the bad things and get into strifes and conflicts, and even kill the poor Afghani man who is now on trial.

There is only one problem with Khaled’s version of Islam (if you didn’t read the article below, he is said to preach it as a religion of love and tolerance). The problem is that he is dreaming.

This is not Islam. Any cleric would get mad to hear his sanitized, rhetoric-laden fake and un-Koranic version of Islam.

I would like to say, however, that if Islam was this way–empirically so, and agreed-upon by all… I will be the first to sign on!

How nice for me to have the freedom to strike my wife (gently, as though she is an errant slave or daughter) without freedom of her calling the police and pressing charges on me. (I am not being sarcastic, I have often thought that Western methods of entering into the home and preventing corporal punishment are too extreme.)

How nice for me to have four wives! (Again, I am not kidding.) It is every man’s dream to have a barn full of women to go milk whenever he wants to.

Unfortunately, one of the problems is the community property law here. I would lose my shirt in the bargain if Heather got jealous of the size of Tiffany’s new diamond earrings!


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