Islamic Hymns and Televangelists? Since When??

March 24, 2006

Something very strange.. When I was writing about Amr Khaled, I remembered something.

Last time I was in Alexandria, I had the opportunity to spend the night. As I was drifting off to sleep at 4 in the morning, I heard the strains of a very odd and scary, chipmunk-like sound.

The next day, I investigated. It turned out that the keening was a cassette that was for sale. The “music” on there was a child singing the virtues of the Koran.

“Baba, Baba, Ana Farhan… Leani Badress El Koran!”

I may have gotten the words wrong, but it’s close to this. What it means is “Daddy, Daddy, I’m happy because I’m studying the Koran!”

Islamic children’s hymns? Since when???

And Amr Khaled, the Islamic Preacher… Since when are there Moslem Televangelists??

Both of these creations are Christian-made, so I find it highly interesting that the Moslems have hijacked them to their own ends. Kudos and accolades to their PR and Marketing people!


3 Responses to “Islamic Hymns and Televangelists? Since When??”

  1. Shocked egyptian Christian Says:

    I was shocked as well when I saw the Yusuf Islam songs on TV!!! u really should see those!! he sings both in arabic & english about the merciful & loving allah that he worships, the one who forgives his iniquities !!!
    Yeah Right!!!

    if it was on any other channel, and not the egyptian TV, I would have thought these were not islamic

    and of what I hear, it is a fashion in egypt now, all the EGYPTIAN singers have similar songs

    that was the joke of the century for me!!

  2. Kevyn Says:

    The Qur’an says nothing against music and singing. Plus, in Sunni Islam, singing acappella without instruments is allowed (halal), and with drums, which is why Yusuf Islam’s music is wonderful.

    Music and singing outside of worship and in prayer in Islamic culture has always existed and is halal, alhamdullilah, and will continue to exist! God Himself is a patron of the Arts. He did, after all, made creation Himself. ^^

  3. Cynthia Says:

    I’m a Christian and recently attended a childrens winter festival musical at our public elementary school, where many traditions of the December months were celebrated. Included were many European countries and South American Countries, mostly demonstrating common Christmas hymns sung during December (with the religious overtones removed, of course…), but also some Jewish songs as well. I know that there are many Islamic people in our district. I felt sensitive to them attending a concert of elementary children where their holiday was not represented, especially since their children were in the program. I have been told that Muslims do believe in Christ’s birth because the story is told in the Koran, so I assume that Muslim children are allowed to participate in Christmas-y type things, but I asked a Muslim friend, “Don’t Muslims have hymns or special symbols?” I thought maybe they do not, because most people know that Islam will not allow pictures of anything, only writing, so I am under the impression that symbols are not part of Islam. I have never heard of Islamic “hymns” of any kind either, and thought it sad that we westerners do not know enough about this religion and thought system to include the children’s songs and symbols from these special countries. So I ask you who know, “Does Islam have any special symbols or songs that children around the world could share and enjoy together during the December months?” If anyone knows, I will be sure to pass such information on to my school district, so that next December, everyone’s country will be included. Thanks, Cynthia.

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