Dutch Woman’s Conversion to Islam A Desire to Fit In

March 24, 2006

My take: Rachel Frank felt like an outcast from her own (Dutch) society, and has fallen into the “religion,” albeit through marriage, from a desire to join a more accepting society. I’ll give them that… they sure know how to seduce people into their snares, just like any good cult!

Dutch woman’s embrace of Islam draws stares
By MOLLY MOORE | Tuesday, March 21, 2006

BREDA, Netherlands — Rabi’a Frank sees her Dutch home town through the narrow slit of the black veil that covers her face.

The looks she receives from the townspeople are seldom kindly.

On a recent winter afternoon, the wind tugged at her ankle-length taupe skirt, olive head scarf and black, rectangular face veil as she walked to her car from an Islamic prayer meeting in downtown Breda. Two blond teen-agers on bicycles stared, their faces screwed into hostile snarls. Other passersby gawked. Some stepped off the sidewalk to avoid coming too near.
She tried to act like it didn’t offend her. But it did. She knows what they think of Muslim women like her.

“If you cover yourself, you are oppressed — that’s it,” said Frank, a lanky, 29-year-old Dutch woman who converted to Islam 11 years ago, about the time she married her Moroccan husband. “You are being brainwashed by your husband or your friends.”

Or, you’re a potential terrorist.

“Sometimes I make a joke and say, ‘Oh, you don’t have to be scared of me.'” Other times, she gets so fed up that she yanks up her hand under her robe like it’s a pistol and shouts, “Boom!”

[NOTE FROM SALIB: You see? She learned violent tendencies from them already! Yekhsaaaaara 3aleyki ya “Rabi’a” … ]

Frank spoke on a recent winter day in her heather-colored living room in this city of 162,000 people near the Netherlands’ southern border with Belgium. “They don’t have the right to treat me different,” she said. “It’s like staring at someone in a wheelchair. It’s not polite. I’m human, even if you don’t like the way I appear.”

Deepening rift in Europe
This day-to-day struggle for acceptance on the streets of her home town is one woman’s confrontation with a deepening rift in West European societies, where the emergence of a 15 million-member Muslim minority is reshaping concepts of nation and personal identity.

Some European governments have passed laws they say are intended to help preserve national identity. Critics argue that the measures reflect Islamophobia and fears of terrorism triggered by the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and the subsequent transit bombings in Madrid and London.
The Netherlands, with nearly 1 million Muslims, almost 6 percent of its population, is particularly on edge.
The 2002 assassination of an anti-immigrant politician, Pim Fortuyn, by an animal rights activist was followed by the execution-style murder in 2004 of the filmmaker Theo van Gogh, who had just released a controversial film seen as anti-Islamic. A young Muslim radical admitted to the killing.

Anti-immigration laws
A country with a history of tolerance is now adopting or debating some of the most restrictive anti-immigration and anti-Muslim laws in Europe. One proposed measure would ban women from wearing face veils, called niqab, in public. Another would outlaw the speaking of languages other than Dutch on the street.

Immigrants must learn some Dutch, pass a history and geography test and, to get a feel for whether they can live in this society, watch a film on Dutch culture that includes two gay men kissing and a topless woman walking on a beach.

[So they’re forcing immorality on immigrants? I would not watch their Dutch porn film! If they are so tolerant, why would they ban veils? Why would they force their immorality on people? I can feel a new article coming on…]

Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch parliament, said he was drafting a bill that would ban all immigration for the next five years. “Our culture is based on Christianity, Judaism and humanism,” Wilders said.

[Christianity does not allow topless walking or gay kissing!]

Like most of her Muslim convert friends, Frank said, she found that the process of fully embracing Islamic thinking and dress was gradual. But eventually the clothing became the outward statement of her identity. “I smiled at all the Muslim women I saw in the streets,” she said. “But to them, I was just a plain Dutch girl with brown hair and blue eyes. I wanted to be recognized as a Muslim woman.”

“I am a Muslim,” she said with finality. “That’s my identity.”

[This is what happens when you have low self esteem. Sad! I wonder if she’d be so happy to remain Moslem if she divorced Dr. Love? Or if her Moslem friends shunned her? It’s all about fitting in. If I were Allah, I would not accept her conversion as true!]


10 Responses to “Dutch Woman’s Conversion to Islam A Desire to Fit In”

  1. Luke Says:

    What exactly does the lady complain about? She chose her way all by herself.

  2. jauhara Says:

    Ahmed, do you have a camera? You should post some pics, like Big Pharaoh

  3. Mark Gerges Says:

    meen el weleyya el habla di. tela2eeha akhadet fe tezha 3ashan te2ool el kalam dah

  4. CMG Says:

    Oh my oh my… the good thing you have going on your side is that you can choose to wear the outfits you like, to express your thoughts freely. It’s a good thing to be preserved! You are safe from the atrocities being commited in name of GOD, against women, children an whoever dares to think differently, because you are Holland! Those who dare to speak their voices against those atrocities, asking only the respect of basic human rights, are, in most muslim countries, silenced and those that do it western countries are called racists.
    I do believe in common sense and the wisdom of human beings, Muslims, Christians, Jews… but I would like to see more often the moderate muslims come forward and have a stand against the extremism that threatens our values everyday…
    Thank God you don’t have to live in Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc.

  5. Ibrahim Says:

    As soon as you say “moderate” muslims.. it nullifies any validity in your statement(s). What is an extremist muslim? One that practises more extremely than a “moderate” one? Well, islamically, that makes them better muslims, if they pray more, give more charity, do more charitable acts. If you mean “moderate” muslims as one’s that just go to mosque on fridays as a cultural thing, you really think they can have an influence on their religion and its masses? when they themselves almost aren’t sure whether it is the right path or not.

  6. andrea Says:

    reading this post while surfing.
    tollerance and democracy are quite fragile words.
    as soon as someone who don’t know how to handle them will play with those items, it easily will become a broken dream.
    I have enough of islamics selling the children’s tale they are not dongerous at all, not every islamic ia a terrorist, and so on. Islamic colture believe in what I don’t. Islamic idea of a woman is behind a courtain, hided in the back of the house, always controlled. An old conception fo frustrated males in the fear of loosing power. And here, in my home, I don’t wanna hear words like that or see similar behaviour.
    as someone has alreadt said: “it’s true, not all islamic are terrorist. But all terrorist are islamic”. sounds familiar? makes u sense in understandig why people is becoming day after day less tollerant?
    we don’t want to see our houses changed by some unknowed frustrated and culturally anacronystic architect

  7. nass Says:

    islam is the truth god “allah”is the one and the only god … terrorism has nothin to do with islam and terrorists ave nothin to do with islam despite the fact they call themselves muslims … now everyone … reason and tell me … why people are takin the pain the criticize islam nd declarin war on it if it wasnt a true religion ??? think about it …

  8. nass Says:

    ave u seen people wastin time and energy criticizing somethin unreal or nat important … so your critics are fuellin islam in people’s hearts .. this is the prmise allah has given to muslims in the quran when he was talkin about people showin the bad side of islam in order to stop the light of islam, he promised us muslims in the quran sayin “but allah will finish his noor”light” even if the unbelievers wouldnt like it. and indeed, despite the fact people are doin all they can to stop islam from spreadin the results are to the contrary … how many people have converted to islam in europe and america and canada .. go online and check it yourself ..even in holland .. in breda as our sister Rabi’a may allah be with her and protect her … reason people .. dont follow uncounciously .. use ur minds .. one day u’ll be asked by this god ur attackin why u wer attackin him … whether u believe in tha now or not it will happen .. its a certainty .. think about it .

  9. redouan Says:

    am redouan ,muslim looking for aconverted woman in islam with hijab.
    who will read my profile and can help jazaholaho bekhair
    tel 0021270950117

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