Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar Is Only Insane For One Reason!

March 22, 2006

You may not have heard that Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, a 22-year old graduate of UNC, has recently gone on a joyride that ended in the injuries of nearly a dozen onlookers.

This article by Kathleen Parker is a great source of information and humour on the matter, and posits a good question. Read this and see if you can tease the query out:

What’s less clear is whether Taheri-azar is a madman, a jihadist, a terrorist, all of the above, or just a loser who happens to be a Muslim. UNC officials have studiously avoided labeling the event a “terrorist attack,” while some students have protested (to the acclaim of many in the blogosphere) that the university is caving to political correctness by failing to call a terrorist a terrorist.

I’m happy to use the “T” word where applicable, but the university may be right this time. Instead of a terrorist, Taheri-azar may be a simple nutcase who grabbed the jihad handle as convenient, self-important and certain to attract attention.

I think that one option is being overlooked–That all true and faithful Moslems (all that kill or mistreat people in an attempt to make “more” of themselves, justifiably, because the “prophet” said they could) are nutcases (her word) who happened to be born into this cult and grabbed the Moslem handle.

And the ones who don’t intimately know their own scriptures, the ones who fail to wake up and smell the blood on their hands–or the hands of their “religion”–could just be, as Kathleen Parker mused, seen as losers… pure and simple.


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