March 22, 2006

I just pressed “PUBLISH” but then reread my previous post.

I come across as a rabid, anti-Islamic and hateful individual. I did not mean to be. I let myself be influenced by the influx of rhetoric that has recently (today) filled my inbox, and I am sorry.

Moslems aren’t losers, they’re misguided. I really feel very bad for the sincere ones who do all the five pillars, and pray so much and feel like they have a good relationship with Allah.

They will have a big surprise come Judgment Day, and I hope that they will find the truth before then!

They aren’t the only people who will have a problem come Judgement Day, but there is a huge number of “Good Moslems”–such good people who think they’re following what is actually a false religion–who remind me of the Emporer in the Emporer’s New Clothes.

They think that they have clothes on, but they really don’t.

The Moslems think they have salvation, but they really can’t, because Allah doesn’t exist, and Mohammad is not his prophet, both because you can’t be the prophet of something that does not exist, and because no god in his right mind would ever choose such a bloodthirsty and perverted hellion to be his ambassador. Unless this god was the head of the BDSM universe, or something like this.

I am working on a manifesto to be distributed to all the “Secular Moslems” out there, so that they can know what’s going on, and save themselves before it’s too late.

I am sorry again for sounding like a prophet of doom and being cruel before.

Forgive me, pray for me, and love me, your fallen brother, that’s all I ask of you!



  1. freesoul Says:

    I really pity you because you think you have the truth!!

    thinking that you knwo the truth you will never work really hard and open minded to obtain it, you will always be satisfied with what you have which leads to nothing but what is inside you!!

    I don’t belive I know anything and that is why i spend my time in seeking the truth, on the other side you are spending yoru time fighting to prove that what you think is true, good for you

    just by chance i came by your post few hours after i posted a related topic on my blog!!

  2. tyrell Says:

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  3. kempe Says:

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