(Obliterating) Islam Is The Solution!

March 20, 2006

Stop and think about all of the major conflicts in the world today.

I believe that outlawing this religion of outlaws would end all of the problems.

But then we would be as bad as them.

I believe that the Islamist Manifesto is a sham, and that “Moderate Muslims” are deluding themselves.

But better that than nothing.

I believe that God is using the cult of Islam to bring about the end times, just as He used Judas Iscariot to do a foul and bloody deed that ended up accomplishing His will, if sadly.

But a positive ending will always require a painful catalyst for change.

Moslems, if you call yourselves moderates, I CHALLENGE YOU to read your scriptures and find out whether you can truly be a moderate and be 100% faithful to the scriptures you deem holy.

Look. You’re not a true Moslem anyway, so forget about living under the pretense of one; I KNOW YOU LIKE TO PRAY, AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU FOR BEING LOYAL TO HIM! BUT… Mohammed just stole the scriptures from the Jews and Christians, so if you switch to Christianity, you won’t have much to get used to… except you won’t have the free reign to kill, mistreat, or steal from your fellow humans. (Bummer, right?)


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