Moslems, What Do You Think?

March 15, 2006

I can’t leave this thing alone. I need to know what the Moslems really think. When they go to MEMRI TV and see the brutal images and videos of murders, done in the name of their “religion,” how do they feel?

If the verse said, “Kill them if they don’t convert,” then what chance is there for salvation down the road? If I, an infidel, am killed, what happens to my soul? In the Catholic religion, at least they have the Purgatory. But in this Islamic cult, how can a person redeem himself if he is dead?

Of what value is my Gizia to Allah, since I have not converted?

What if I convert out of fear for my life, but only went through the motions, ie, signed on the dotted line?

I really am curious as to what practicing Moslems do think, and I wish you’ll post the answers in the comments section.

Please help me understand what makes you believe.


3 Responses to “Moslems, What Do You Think?”

  1. freesoul Says:

    My friend,

    Of course it is of no use to ask people while you have already formed your opinion, yet i will try to transfer my point of view to you

    1- any religion is just a unique experience of each person, my islam is not like the islam of my friend, the religion is affected by the humans way of thinking

    god will not visit you in your dreams and tell you what did he mean by his text, it is only you who have the responsiblity to understand his holy texts and hence it is affected by your mind and your background

    2- in islam, there is no reason to kill anyone at all unless he tries to kill you or fight you, and if he stops then you should stop too, this is my understanding for the holy texts

    when a country falls in the muslim hands muslims pays “zakaa” which is amount of money that will be spread on All poor people, muslims or not, on the other side not muslims should pay “gizya”, this money is not forced of you if you don’t have money, it means you have to pay if you have the money, i don’t think this is strange, you pay your taxes, right?

    3- anyone who kills any man, muslim or not muslim without a reason (the only reason i know in islam is for another death crime or defending himself in deadly situation), if a muslim commit that crime then he will have the worst punishment, if you don’t know our prophet -PBUH- said that if any muslim hurt any non-muslim in an islamic land, he himself will be against him in the after life before god, he will support the non-muslim to take his right from the muslim man

    that is the justice i understand and love in islam!!

    if you have something to tell me, post it on my blog or send it to my mail, i would love to continue this discussion :)

  2. wrhntro Says:

    Here are some links that I believe will be interested

  3. kushibo Says:


    I am Nora. I admit it.

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