Quick Response To Muhammad, My Brother

March 12, 2006

This is a very quick response, and as previously promised, I will dedicate an entire post to everything Muhammad has previously commented on, point-by-point.

Today’s Comment:

“God is one for all religions. The Father God is the god we worship and the gods jews worship.

While I can’t speak for the Jews, Muhammad, Your Allah and my God are two separate beings. I can say this because I believe God is the Father of Jesus Christ, and 1/3rd of the Trinity. If you agree that this is the case, then you would be considered Apostate by your Arab Moslem brothers. I can guarantee that to you. Also, from my limited knowledge of Jews, I know that they will never accept to say that they worship a god who is part of the Trinity. Since they don’t believe that Jesus is the Messiah, although Moslems do call Him that.

Hey Salib. Why don’t you talk abou christianity. Please post some good things about salvation. How jesus will purify us from our sins. At lease you will be rewarded more by God other than insulting other religions. Christians are tolerant and Jesus is love.

You call me to truth, Muhammad. I am so glad God allowed you to find my small and humble writings. Jesus, as Christians believe, purifies anyone who accepts Him AS THEIR ONLY LORD AND SAVIOUR and cleanses them from their sins. We believe He died on the Cross, and, as the only Perfect Human, was accepted as the Sin Sacrifice that the Old Testament speaks of.

Christians are TOLERANT of everyone–meaning they love everyone, but they can NOT AGREE WITH THINGS CONTRARY TO THE BIBLE. You may love me, Ahmed Salib, but you likely disagree with everything I’ve ever written. You tolerate ME, but you are INTOLERANT of my beliefs. Any good Moslem would be intolerant of my beliefs. It is what makes you a Moslem and me a Christian :-)

WHERE IS THE LOVE in you posts? GOD IS LOVE, JESUS IS LOVE, MUHAMMAD IS LOVE. IF WE ALL LOVE EACH OTHER WE WILL LIVE IN PEACE. I am offering you friendship and love. The real love. Love of good, love of god, love for others.

Again you call me to truth. I am trying to get used to the online thing, and to come across in cyberspace as I do in reality. I accept your offer of friendship, and have loved you from the day you first wrote to me, Muhammad. I thank you for your friendship.
But it is this love that prompts me to tell you of the cure for spiritual cancer, the solution to a life of intentional or unintentional sin. The only solution–indeed THE way, THE truth and THE LIFE can only be found through the person of Jesus Christ.

I have to tell you, Muhammad, if you can honestly tell me that you believe I will go to the Heaven in the next life–believing what I believe (ignoring my “sins” of bombasticity, and pretending I lived a relatively Holy Life)–Then you can’t be a True Moslem. A moderate Moslem is No Moslem At All. Osama ibn Laden is a shining example of Islam. He may give the religion a “bad name,” but it’s an accurate picture of the religion. Don’t be angry with me for saying this. I am speaking in love, as one who was saved from the Darkness myself. I pray for you every night, Muhammad, that you will see the beautiful light that is a life in Chris Jesus!


You are so right, and I am remiss. But that’s another thing, Muhammad Habibi, ISLAM CLAIMS THAT JESUS WAS REPLACED BY ANOTHER, AND NEVER CRUCIFIED. You’re right, He did not die for me to be bombastic, but He DID DIE on the cross, and HE DID PAY FOR YOUR SINS.

I have a great amount of respect for you, brother, and look forward to your next communique.

Please think on what I have said, and until later,


One Response to “Quick Response To Muhammad, My Brother”

  1. Muhammad William Obeglou Says:

    “While I can’t speak for the Jews, Muhammad, Your Allah and my God are two separate beings”

    They are the same. It is one God who created the universe. This is the main important thing. It is the same God who created me and you, isn’t that right? Or were we created by different gods? God is ONE but with different interpretations. It is one God at the end. Whether you interpret God through a trinity or I interpret God as just God but its the same God at the end, or am I wrong??? The same God who blew our souls into us. The same God who created everything that we all worship, whether in a Mosque or a Church or a Synagogue. It is the same ompinpotent, divine entity.

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