Allah Is Not God

March 11, 2006

There is a new trend I have noticed that is very alarming. Moslems, some of them prominent, have been heard claiming that “We aren’t so different from other religions,” that “We all worship the same God,” and that “We have more in common than not.”

Let it be said that I am not trying to breed dissent between the races, the religions, or the anything.

Having said that, I must contest the statements mentioned above. Our religions ARE that different, we DO NOT worship the same god, and we have as much in common with each other as do midnight, noon, and the 4th of July.

Please allow me to qualify my statements, and assume that my words here concern Christianity and Islam, although Judaism certainly fits into some of the equations I will be presenting. For the duration of the article, “Allah” will denote the Moslem interpretation of the Almighty, and “God” will refer to the Christian version of the Deity.

To begin with, the religions ARE SO DIFFERENT. For example, Moslems don’t consider Allah to be a “loving and caring” deity, although Christians have a personal and loving relationship with their God. While we are told to “pray without ceasing” in Christianity, we oftentimes pray anytime the mood strikes us, or at a set time that fits in our schedule. ISLAM, on the other hand, prescribes five particular times each day. While the structure of this may be nice for those who don’t otherwise have time, I am sometimes struck by the feeling that “Allah” doesn’t have time for the followers who submit to him.

The nature of the deity’s personality isn’t the only way we differ. Our God is the Father in the Holy Trinity, and we Christians believe that God is manifested in THREE PERSONS, but this does not make Him three separate people. Moslems feel that we blaspheme in this belief, but I believe it is a communication breakdown (just as it is when Moslems think that “Son of God” means that Jesus was conceived by God and Mary in “the natural way”).

Finally, our God teaches love and forgiveness, but “Allah,” if Mohammed is to be believed, seems to be even more of a propagator of “fire-and-brimstone” than the worst Southern Baptist preacher you can think of.

J. Ahmed Salib, MD


5 Responses to “Allah Is Not God”

  1. Muhammad William Obeglou Says:

    God is one for all religions. The Father God is the god we worship and the gods jews worship.

    Hey Salib. Why don’t you talk abou christianity. Please post some good things about salvation. How jesus will purify us from our sins. At lease you will be rewarded more by God other than insulting other religions. Christians are tolerant and Jesus is love.

    WHERE IS THE LOVE in you posts? GOD IS LOVE, JESUS IS LOVE, MUHAMMAD IS LOVE. IF WE ALL LOVE EACH OTHER WE WILL LIVE IN PEACE. I am offering you friendship and love. The real love. Love of good, love of god, love for others.


  2. Phil Peck Says:

    How utterly blind we are if we deny that Jesus died for ALL. All people, everywhere. That said, putting aside “other faiths” is a prerequisite for Christianity. Not that WE will destroy them, but God will NOT have “another” nor will Christians have “another” beside Him. Allah characteristically is so far from the One, self-existent, eternal, loving, personal God that Christians KNOW and commune with, that to serve Allah over God is eternal suicide.
    Consider this;
    Buddah – dead, buried
    Mohammed – dead, buried
    Jesus – dead, buried, arisen and alive and well “…seeing that He ever liveth to make intercession FOR US…” (Hebrews 7:25)
    Jesus the Christ is the bridge if you will back to God from man’s sinful nature. Without Christ, the precious sacrificed Lamb, we have no forgiveness, and no audience with God Almighty. ALL other worship, praise, hope, peace, GOODness, is for NAUGHT!

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  4. shelly Says:

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  5. red stater Says:

    And now a Catholic Bishop suggests all of us should say Allah instead of God…”brilliant”(not).


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