Love Me, Hate Me

March 10, 2006

Would like to share the following comments that I have recently received. Thank you to all the people who write in!

I agree with you a 1000% , I have read many books from DR Robert Morey who qoutes the QuRan as well well as the hadith and all the inconsistencies of Islam. like ADAM was 60 cubits tall, the devil lives in your nose at night, and on and on, its outrageouis any one could even begin to follow this Islam, Please continue your writings they are right on!

Dear J.A. Salib, MD:

I just read your blog posted at dated today, March 9th, 2006 entitled “Maybe I Don’t Want To Go To Heaven!” and I could not agree more. Thank You!

It’s encouraging to read posts and blogs such as yours and realize that not everyone out there is crazy (only the extremists: both right and left wing). Your blog was forwarded to me in Alain’s Newsletter (which I get in my email), and although I don’t agree with everything in their Newsletters, I certainly agree with you.

Being a kenyan i have witness where light skinnned somalis look down on African black kenya who are moslems and infact they would not let the blacks to led the prayers instead they would rather have light skinned somali man.
Secondly i observed we had a bid fight over who should be imam in a local mosque which had black imam and they would not let the lack leadership of the mosque there is where a see the superiority over the blacks even though all say they all umma of islam
I have had black people who goes to work in middle east are treated badly though muslims ,its ttue lets treat others equally


Are there not different types of moslems and not just Arab moslems? They are not the only ethnic group that advocate islamic beliefs, correct?


Dear Dr. Salib,

thank you for your interesting Article! I’m on your way in religion. If you can and it is possible, please translate tese article in the german language for a better understanding.

All the best for you and your work!

And, the comment that wins the “This Takes The Cake Award” for this week,

“Go Back To Africa!” from the eloquent and articulate “Gary.”

Thanks again for these comments, and the Grace and the Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with You now and forever.


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