Maybe I Don’t Want To Go To Heaven!

March 9, 2006

As some of you may have recently read, the Moslem notion of “Heaven” is nothing I’m interested in pursuing. (Harem Scare’m? Reflections on a Moslem Heaven)

The inconsistencies present in the “holy scriptures” make me question the validity of this “paradise.”

The fact that terrorists and other “good Moslems” can still kill—even today—in the name of their cult, and in the name of bringing people to it is only proof that they’re wrong. Wrong in their choice to be Moslems, and wrong in their choice to carry out the bloody edicts that their false religion permits. Commands.

I wish that english-speaking-non-Arabs would look into this business of “holy war” and “dar essalam” and “fatwa” and know that the only good Moslem is a non-practicing one, and I don’t feel 100% safe around those, either. I wish that “infidels” knew the perverse inconsistencies and heinous intricacies of Mohammed—a twisted opportunist, if we’re being kind—“the Prophet,” peace be upon him. And he would certainly need this peace, after the bloody and perverted life he lived.

But today’s collection of thoughts isn’t about the warped nature of one man, it’s about this man’s teachings.

In Islam, we are supposed to do things to gain points, so to speak. This reminds me of Chuck E. Cheese, which I was subjected to with a nephew one Saturday evening. There is a game in this arcade-style establishment, and this game is called Skee Ball. I always liked it because I have a very good aim, useful in this bowling-style game; my precision always brings many tickets, which can be traded in for prizes. My nephew likes this game because he thinks it is fun, which I guess it can be, if you, like him, are under the age of 12.

In Skee Ball, if you throw a ball in such a way that you hit the middle target, you get the most points, and every subsequently outer ring from this target gets you subsequently less points.

This is like Islam, and CONVERTING INFIDELS and DYING A MARTYR FOR ISLAM are the bulls-eye!

Imagine! A free ticket to heaven. Not only are you permitted to hit your wife, or wives, in life—not only are you promised 72 virgins in the great hereafter, BUT you can lie, cheat, steal, murder, have your cake AND eat it too—IF you hit one of the two bulls eyes I just mentioned!

Does that mean that the “no compulsion in religion” is reinstated? I have no clue, since the scripture keeps changing its mind about Christians, Jews, Jihad, Conversion, and other things that are of slight importance.

I have two bones to pick with comments I’ve recently heard from Moslems to anti-Islamics:

First of all, a Moslem brother informed me that everyone will end up in paradise. This can’t be true, because if it were true, then no Moslem would feel the need to kill for their faith, or even try to convert people TO THEIR FAITH.

The second point is that some Moslems try to convert people to their faith by duplicitous—or bloody—means. They claim to be doing this for the good of the convertee, but… if everyone is going to heaven, why bother? Is there something in it for the Moslem? Oh, I seem to have forgotten that converting people is the way to garner brownie points for the converter. The best interest of the convertee is NOT considered!

So my final point is to tell the Moslems out there who are against me and my, shall we say, “crusade” against the “CRESC-ade” (crescent-spreading crusade, that is) that if Heaven is anything like they think it is, and if Islam will make me anything like they are, then MAYBE I DON’T WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN!

J.A. Salib, MD
Please visit my blog at and leave your comments there, or email me with your agreement or anger. May the Grace and the Peace of the Lord be with you all!


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