Violence and Subjugation SUCKS

February 25, 2006

Sorry for language, but I hate this feeling of “I have to watch it.”

I live in the USA now, but I have divided my time between this new homeland, and my once and forever homeland of Egypt.

Since I travel back and forth, I have to be careful what I say, lest I receive a nice “welcoming party” from State Security in Egypt.

By the same token, I have to be careful what I say here, because a name or someone’s looks aren’t always so helpful in knowing who is what religion, or who is sympathetic or antagonistic to what religion.

I am part Moslem and part Christian.

I choose to practice Christianity and speak out against ISLAM, although I have to be careful, as I said, about what I say HERE, lest I be killed for my free speech.

Islam is a cult that doesn’t make sense.


The very fact that women have enough sense to be upset at the subjugation they’re subjected to in this system of beliefs should tell you all you need to know.

The fact that this ‘religion’ promises virgins in heaven—what about the women? Is their heaven an eternal virginity where they will never get to do anything? This can’t be heaven. Is their heaven an eternity of being a sex slave? This can’t be heaven. If this IS heaven, then this heaven is just as bad a life as the life of a Moslem woman currently is.

Imagine having to cover up your face as though you are an object and a possession!

I am really very interested in the way Moslem women feel about this. Please tell me.

Also, I am very curious as to another thing: if a person is a Moslem and does NOT believe that a woman must cover totally, or that hitting a woman is NOT acceptable, or even that September 11th/the part about killing Jews and Christians is correct—and I know many Moslems who believe in this, who call themselves ‘moderate Moslems’—then THEY ARE NOT MOSLEMS.

OSAMA BIN LADEN is one of the few good and true Moslems.

The religion is a bloody one. The fact that you can be killed for slandering the prophet is proof of that. Do Christians or Jews kill people to slander their faiths? NO!

I can feel an essay on Moslem Ideas of Heaven brewing right now, but I’ll sign off; I heard my secretary ushering in an unsuspecting patient, and it wouldn’t do to get engrossed with my new blog when I’m supposed to be healing people!

JA Salib
4:43 PM
Friday, Feb 24


One Response to “Violence and Subjugation SUCKS”

  1. Smitty Jones Says:

    The problem with Islam is that almost all the big crimes committed in the world today are by muslims.
    Stoning young girls and boys to death, punishing a women who has been raped. Putting a bomb on a buss next to a woman and a child. The list of crimes has no end. Islam is so sadiistic that it is no wonder that people now refer Islam as the official religion of Satan. However I see Islam as an unfortunate accident in history. A child molester and serial killer like Charles Manson formed a new cult and that is how Islam go started. Mohammed was Satan in the Flesh. Muslims are just misguided souls who are lost in time. They are living in a world of 1000 years ago. Very primitive.

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